Pržionica: Third Wave Coffee Hits Belgrade

In Belgrade, you will generally find two types of coffee: Italian style espresso and domaća (Turkish). Generally speaking, this is the norm not only in Belgrade, but also in the Balkans. Nothing bad, nothing great. Also, there’s nothing that sets apart one space from the next (generally speaking). Enter Andre. Bringing his family along with him, he started Pržionica, the first micro-roaster in Belgrade. Their creative endeavor began a few years ago. Their focus is more intense than just making espresso, it’s about releasing the flavors that one tiny bean can generate.Pržionica sets the bar high in this arena, and as a result has started selling their coffee to local shops along with exporting to neighboring countries. It’s a success story written because a family was willing to go against the norm. A family that is working to share their excellent brew with others.

Vibe: The place is small but welcoming. The building is brick with scaled down metal decor. In the back of the shop sits the roaster that is usually doing its thing, filling the shop with the aroma of freshly roasted beans. For me, very few things are more pleasant.przionica

Recommendations: If you like milk drinks that sweeten the espresso, go with the latte. If you enjoy a little bite of the espresso, sip on a cappuccino. By chance if there is some down time and you fancy more American-style brewed coffee, see if you can get them to do a pourover or Aeropress. Be prepared to take a bag or two or three of their roasted goodness with you.

Notes: Don’t ask for vanilla or any other syrupy sweetener. There are reasons for such things not being on the menu. Nothing personal, but they don’t make drinks like these. And in this case, go with the latte.

Place: Dobračina 59b, Belgrade, Serbia. It’s in the old industrial area of Dorćol.

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