Restoran Conte: Fresh Seafood on Bay of Kotor

Montenegro is a nation of meat lovers but along the coast the entree of choice is fresh seafood.  After paddle-boarding across the picturesque Bay of Kotor, our group was ready to enjoy a light lunch in the town of Perast. We docked our SUP boards at the water’s edge and made our way into Restoran Conte located at the foot of the clock tower with a view of the two churches nestled on small islands in the bay. Because it is located on the water, we knew we would enjoy fresh seafood along with other delicious menu items.

Hotel Conte Restaurant in Perast - meanderbug

Vibe: There is fine dining throughout the country but some of the best meals are found in these small town restaurants.  This place is a unique blend of elegance and comfort with a quiet ambience, helpful staff, and excellent food.  The full menu includes fresh seafood, Montenegrin salad, risotto, meat dishes, and a full offering of soft drinks, juices, cocktails and wines.

Recommendations: Our group enjoyed fish paté, olive paté, fresh breads, salads and octopus salad (salata od hobotnice).  Both of the patés were light with the perfect blend of flavor and texture.  I recommend both.  For those who love all kinds of fresh seafood, the octopus salad is simply exquisite!  And, one other thing to note about Montenegrin food is that organic farming has always been the norm, so salads in restaurants are made of fresh produce often grown in local gardens making the flavors and colors vibrant, fresh, and satisfying.  In fact, everything we ordered was delectable.

Perast waterfront dining at Boka Bay - meanderbug

Notes: It was fun to learn that Perast is a destination for some global celebrities.  I imagine they, too, find the quaint and quiet landscape the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.  Once you travel to Montenegro, you will find a diverse offering of adventure with spaces for rejuvenation along the way.  So, make plans to visit Montenegro, including perusing Perast and don’t miss out on the fresh seafood at Restoran Conte.

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