Restoran & Pizzeria Garden: Fresh Cuisine Alternative

story: When I first moved to the city, I noticed that many of the shops’ names resembled the goods they have for sale. So when I saw this new place–Restoran & Pizzeria Garden–go up, I assumed a gardening store. I never thought differently until I needed a shovel. After realizing it was a restaurant, we decided to check it out. Subsequently, it turned out to  be a fresh alternative to the familiar cafes found throughout Podgorica.

Garden offers something unique. Variety. Creativity. Quality. All with a budget conscience guest in mind. The menu is extensive offering a variety of options in cuisine and costs. There are the staple menu items faithfully occupying their space, but they are accompanied by fresh alternatives.

The first go was not very successful mainly because of weather. The second attempt opened our eyes to the possibilities that Garden offered. I’m pretty sure we have been back weekly. We’ve taken new friends, and have passed along the info to others. Since being opened, it has grown in popularity to the point of needing a reservation most nights. Just ask Brit. 🙂

vibe: The vibe is casual. Definitely more of a restaurant feel than most of the cafes in town. As day fades into night, the ambiance takes on a more intimate feel.

recommendations:  In a city where it can be difficult to find vegetables as an actual side, Garden offers hope. The trout with grilled vegetables has been the family favorite so far, even for a three year old.

notes: Good variety. Vegetarian dishes even make an appearance on the menu.

location: Restoran & Pizzeria Garden, 9 Bulevar Mihaila Lalića Kruševac; +382 67 606 633

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  1. Cat

    I can vouch for the trout – delicious and served on top of a pile of fresh vegetables!

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