Restoran Porto: Fresh Seafood in Budva

Story: Several years ago two friends decided to take on what they were told by many was an impossible venture. They opened a restaurant on the water’s edge in Budva between two of the most popular restaurants in town. Now almost fifteen years later, their restaurant–Restoran Porto–continues to serve fresh, local source seafood in Budva. They buy their fish from local, small-scale fishermen allowing for the freshest of ingredients. This, combined with a high level of service has made Porto a favorite haunt of locals and a place known to be one of the best restaurants in the area.


Vibe: Walking to the restaurant along the water gives you the feeling that this is going to be a place with fresh seafood. Inside, the decor is nautically themed along with a display of fine wines and original artwork. The art on the ceiling contributes to a fun, upside-down world feel. At night the lighting on the water makes this a regal setting for a fine meal.


Recommendations: Every meal starts with homemade bread and fish pate. Both are superb. I would have gladly made a meal of just this opening course, but we pressed on to still better offerings. With a range of fresh-catch offerings, you can always find a favorite or something new. We tried the Porto plate split with half seafood and half of the normal land fare. Both were excellent. Standouts were the grilled sea bass, vegetable risotto, grilled steak and pork. The wiener schnitzel also received high marks. This is important to note because it is often a hit with kids that may not be seafood lovers.

The wait staff is highly professional. You’ll do well with whomever you get, but we enjoyed Zoran. He is fluent in the local language(s) as well as Russian and English. Gracious and informed, he was an excellent server. If he is available, you’ll appreciate his service. Please tell him “hi” from the Meanderbug crew.


Notes: With their fresh tank, you can select your own catch for your meal. Happy fishing! Also, meal times in Montenegro are often late. In the off-season, this is not a problem. But during peak season in July and August, you may want to go early to get a table. High traffic times will usually be starting around 2:00 for a midday meal and around 8:00 for the evening crowd. Plan ahead and book a reservation to make sure you have a spot.

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