Panteleimonas, Greece: Storybook Romance

Panteleimonas is a quaint little village in Greece that began some 350 years ago as a place to retreat. A plague decimated the small population of the village by the sea. Desperate for survival, the remaining inhabitants moved away from the Aegean seaside up the mountain. The village they began around 1650 was named after Saint Panteleimonas who was known for excelling in medicine and healing. The villagers survived the plague and more wintry conditions and built a church named after their revered saint. Today this quaint village still carries the name of Panteleimonas and it is once again a place for escape. A place for quiet retreat. And yes, a special place for a romantic getaway.

Church in Panteleimonas - meanderbugBeginning in 1966 the village inhabitants began moving out of the village and into the cities. By 1971 all of the residents were gone with the exception of two families that continued to raise goats and sheep. It wasn’t until 1990 that people began to return to the village. Property in families had been passed down through the generations. At present, the families are moving back to make a special place for those looking for some rest and relaxation.

Panteleimonas next to Mt. Olympus

Positioned on top of the mountain next to Mount Olympus, Panteleimonas overlooks the Aegean Sea. Some dear Greek friends recommended this village that is just 40 km away from Katerini as a quiet spot to escape. Huge props to them. This is a hidden jewel for those looking for a time of retreat.

Panteleimonas Village in Greece - meanderbug

Organic and artisan offerings - meanderbug

There are quaint shops with local organic offerings, a range of Greek inspired and crafted souvenirs, and more. One shop that is worth checking out is the essential oil shop where Spartacus is happy to share his inspired suggestions for what may be just right for a customer. It’s not every day you have the chance to meet a guy named Spartacus and to have him consult on essential oil possibilities is only a bonus.

Panteleimonas and the Aegean Sea - meanderbug

From many vantage points, the Aegean Sea below is visible. With the sea on the right and Mt. Olympus on the left, the setting is one-of-a-kind picturesque perfect.

Greek Orthodox Church in Panteleimonas, Greece - meanderbug

The church named after St. Panteleimonas sits with a view of the sea. Inside is a functioning Greek Orthodox Church where you may go to pray, listen to the liturgy, or simply take in the icons.

Panteleimonas Castle - meanderbug

Below old Plateimonas but adjacent to Neo Plateimonas is the Castle of Platamona.

Agnanti Resort Spa in Panteleimonas is part of the perfect romantic getaway - meanderbug

There are a number of lodging options in the village. The first one to come back into the village is Agnanti. This family-run establishment has several downstairs rooms which are perfect for a romantic getaway while the second floor rooms are targeting more of a budget-conscious traveler. Each room has its own woodcarvings that the dad has crafted over the past couple decades. This year the family that runs Agnanti opened a great private spa with sauna, steam room, and a jacuzzi with built-in fireplace. Guests may reserve exclusive times in the spa. Dmitry and his family are happy to host you with that true Greek hospitality and make your stay memorable.

Plan a future escape to the newly revived village of Panteleimonas. Enjoy the many quality food options, the local shopping, hiking on Mount Olympus, the castle below, the sea, the city of Katerini and time at the spa.



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