Dear Lovers, Welcome to Serbia

Make a trip from the present into the past and see one of the most romantic settings in the Serbian multicultural province of Vojvodina – Dunđerski Castle. In the beautiful ambient of the Dunđerski Castle, the Museum of Agriculture Kulpin is situated, which collects the exhibits of machines and tools from the history of agriculture. An exhibition of the traditional arrangement of the village rooms, dresses and habits. kulpin_muzej1The Castle is surrounded by a park, in which Serbian Poet Laza Kostić wrote the most beautiful love poem „“Santa Maria della Salute“”, dedicated to Lenka Dunđerski. Here’s a glimpse into the romantic inspiration of this place:

Is it not better to bear Beauty’s weight,
Hold up your arches, solid as rock,
Than to feed the hearths of the world’s hot hate,
Burning to ash the heart and its bark,
Than to sink like a ship, rot at a gate,
Like the devil’s own fir tree or oak?
So much lovelier the eternal rest
O Maria della Salute, Blessed.SlovakChurch

Enjoy a drive by a carriage in the wide village streets of Kulpin, as well as a visit to the Slovak Evangelistic Church, in which there is a unique music instrument, decorated by the gold plated statue of the King David.

Annually, Svadba Nekad i Sad (Weddings – Now and Then) festival is held at Dunđerski Castle and park. In September, participants from all over Serbia and their Slovakian guests create wedding atmosphere, paying tribute to traditional songs and dances.

Head to Vrnjačka Banja on Valentine’s Day for the Longest Kiss contest held on Most Ljubavi (Bridge of Love.) If not for the padlocks that cover its railings, you might not even notice the Bridge of Love in the center of Banja. Locals tell the story of Relja and Nada, two young lovers who would meet here every night before World War I. Once the war broke out, Relja, who was an officer in the Royal Army, went off to war and never came back. He moved to Greece, married and forgot all about Nada. Heartbroken, Nada waited for him on the Bridge of Love until her dying day. To avoid reliving Nada’s bitter love story, local love struck girls started coming to the bridge every night to secretly “lock up” their boyfriends’ hearts with padlocks. They did this with the hope of holding on their love for all eternity.most-ljubavi-u-Vrnjackoj-Banji Continue your journey aboard the Romantika (Romance) steam train that will take you to several top destinations in Serbia to complete your romantic getaway!

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