Playful Sibenik Celebrates Kids

Croatia’s not just for couples. From small children to older adults, there’s a range of activities and interests for everyone in your family in Šibenik. In June and July, Šibenik becomes a city of children, a city celebrating children’s imagination and creativity. For more than 50 years, Šibenik has been the host to children of the world, and its streets have been taken over by children’s creations. Just as every year for more than half a century, those who value this children’s world of games, joy and goodness will surely come and visit.

Photo by Croatian Tourist Board

Notwithstanding the rich tradition of this city, it is the children have become trademark of Šibenik at Međunarodni Dječji Festival (International Children’s Festival) – a unique cultural event of world proportions during which the city squares are surrendered to children and dedicated to the development of all the artistic forms of their creative drive. This year, it begins on June 21 when the streets, nooks and squares of Šibenik will come alive with the songs of children and the stone walkways will turn into playgrounds for hundreds of little creatives. The festival has three basic programs: a festival of domestic and international children’s ensembles, the workshop program directly and publicly involving children in the act of creation and the educational part where a symposium addresses issues such as aesthetic education of children.

Photo by Croatian Tourist Board

During these two weeks, Šibenik should be an inevitable destination to those who never forget their playful side, and even more to those who have completely forgotten it. The reason is quite simple on why your family should travel to Šibenik – the International Children’s Festival is an event kids will fondly remember forever!Hotel-Andrija-MiniclubOf course, the Festival itself is an excellent addition to the most kid-friendly city in Croatia. Your family can stay at the Hotel Andrija, which was the first theme children’s hotel in Croatia! Right in front of it lies a pebbly family beach with a gentle slope entrance into the sea and an attractive children’s town nearby.Hotel-Andrija-playroomThe children at Hotel Andrija are little VIPs, with every corner intended just for them. Upon their arrival at the hotel, the kids will already know that they have come to a special place: turtles hanging from the ceiling, a play area, a children’s bar and a children’s restaurant with a menu tailored to them. There is also a mother and baby corner that contains everything a mother might need to take care of and feed the little ones. Between the Solaris Water Park, miniature golf grounds, a family beach, and a train trip across Solaris, your family will be pampered here. Oh, and did I mentioned a wellness center with a KIDS corner, which offers massages and manicures?!

Let your sea adventure begin in Šibenik, the most kid-loved city of Croatia!

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