The largest national park in the country, Skadar Lake showcases breathtaking nature and biodiversity, as well as timeless historical and cultural treasures and incredible local hospitality. The lake itself, which ebbs and flows over an area of 370 square km across both Montenegro and Albania, is the largest lake in the Balkans.

Not surprisingly, numerous plant and animal species make their home around and within the lake's waters. Skadar Lake National Park is one of the most enticing spots in Montenegro for bird watchers. Over 270 species of bird make their home in the park at some point during the year, which is 51% of all European bird species. The lake is teeming with 34 native species of fish. Additionally 88% of Montenegro's known reptile species reside in the park.

Along with its natural landmarks, Skadar Lake possesses several man-made structures that travellers can explore. Fortress ruins at Žabljak Crnojevića overlook the lake, providing a vantage point for some spectacular views, especially at sunset. Grmožur Prison, referred to as the "Alcatraz of Montenegro" is a point of interest for any travellers fascinated with history.

Besides exploring historical sites and natural beauty, travellers can find tons to do at Skadar Lake National Park. Private boat tours are available and charged by the hour. The local town of Virpazar offers national food and wine tasting opportunities. And many wonderful accommodations are available within and around the area of the national park.

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