Slaščičarna Šmon: Best Cream Slice

We were tipped off by a Slovenian friend living in Podgorica. When we asked for foods to try in Bled, Slovenia, Šmon was one of the first places mentioned.

Šmon was opened in 1880. It was started in the home of a local family who ran it until 1941. The Ravnik family, not only operated a pastry/bake shop, but they also served the royal family with their sweets. A German pastry chef owned the sweets shop from 1941 until World War II when it was nationalized by a company based in Ljubljana. In 1966, the shop was purchased by Franci Šmon, who gave up his dream of becoming priest after he figured out that he could make a decent cake. At least, that’s the story that the locals tell. Undoubtedly, the bakery continues to produce one of the best versions of the Cream Slice.

Recommendations: Their take on the local dessert, Kremna Rezina (Cream Slice) was the recommendation. This is the symbol of sweet culinary pastries from Bled, since it has been known for decades. Its taste is tantalized by the layer made from puff pastry, layer of delicious vanilla cream, topped with sweet cream and puff pastry and covered with powdered sugar. Also, throw in the Gibanica, made of several layers of strudel dough, poppy, cottage cheese, nuts and apples, and covered with powdered sugar. It derives its name from the word “güba”, which means “fold” and refers to the characteristic layered composition that gives the gibanica its colorful look.

Enjoy the patio. They also make homemade ice cream. Next time, I’ll probably go back everyday that I’m in Bled.

Place: Slaščičarna Šmon, Grajska cesta 3, 4260 Bled, Slovenia


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  1. James Robinson

    Yum! That cake looks good. Craving for some sweets now.

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