slovene fare at its finest – gostilna murka

Story: The Gostilna Murka has a long history as an inn. I was told the name had changed many times before the current owners and operators bought it. The location goes back to 1909. After buying the Gostilna Murka, the owners thought it best to not only offer a place to rest your head but to serve national cuisine. I am extremely thankful for gostilna murka, bled, sloveniathis.

After sitting down we waited for a bit for service as in true Balkan fashion, everything happens in its own time. That and only one person was taking orders and working the bar.

We ordered a couple of sampler plates of local fare just looking for a taste. What we received was a Slovenian feast! The food was some of the best I have ever tried, and reminded me of a perfect mixture of Balkan and Austro-German style traditions. Slovene sausages, perfectly seasoned minced meat patties, potatoes with a cabbage served over beans, and a turkey schnitzel perfectly fried. Despite the size of the portion, little was left over.

Vibe: Imagine you’re sitting in someone’s home. Local favorite. So laid back that it might drive a westerner crazy so be warned.

Recommendations: I had a “gorenjska” spiced minced meat patty with roasted potatoes, cabbage salad over beans topped with crispy bacon. It was good. Some will not like the minced meat so if you have questions maybe shy away. There are plenty of other options.

My wife had the stuffed pork fillet that was also “gorenjska” style. This was served with a cabbage salad and apple slices. Sounds simple, but the combination of apple, pork sausage, and vinegar of the cabbage came together to form a nicely unified taste.

Notes: The portions are large and foods are heavy. If you plan on dessert (Smon is just down the street so plan on it), be selective on your order. But not too selective that you miss out. If you have questions, my motto is, “Go big, or go home.”

Place: Riklijeva cesta 5a, 4260 Bled, Slovenia



  1. That looks delicious. I want some!

    1. Matt

      I can assure that it was delicious, filling, and left us wanting to visit again! Thanks for posting. Cheers!

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