Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik: Spa Experience

Papers piling sky-high on the desk, constant busyness, and responsibilities at home can begin to run us dry. Everyone needs it; especially for us women, and that’s some down time or me time.

I was looking forward to our trip to Dubrovnik. I knew the weekend getaway would be fun and relaxing, however, it’s what I didn’t expect that brought enjoyment. I knew there was something more after my dear friend asked if I was REALLY excited for the trip. Then when I didn’t sound exuberant enough, said, “Oh, well I shouldn’t say anything. But, you should really look forward to it.” A few days later my husband asked me which kind of massage I usually like at a spa  and what other services do I normally enjoy. He definitely knows me well. My time of refreshment usually consists of reading, walking in the beauty of outside while reflecting, and massages. What woman doesn’t enjoy some pampering?


Knowing the importance of scheduling reservations in advance at the Beauty Line Center wellness department, I made sure to complete this on our first day at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik. The Beauty Line Center provides everything from massages and facials to body cleansing with the utmost skill and newest therapeutic treatments. Enter the sauna or steam room for detoxification. Customers can also enjoy a hot stone massage in which skilled therapists strategically place warm stones on the muscles providing immense relaxation and ability to massage deep within. Their luxurious facial cleanses and lifts, soothe and rejuvenate for the next day. Experience the feeling of toned skin through the “chokalodni” treatment body wrap, which stimulates fat-burning. Hilton Imperial staff understands their clients with such expertise that they offer “jetlag” and “ready-to-go” weekend massage packages to regenerate blood after a long flight and prepare circulation for air pressure before leaving.


As I entered the dimly lit, faint music filled room, it prepared me for a relaxation and revitalizing wellness treatment. The room includes tables for two for couple massages and a jacuzzi for the body soaks. The therapist demonstrated great professionalism, and was a calming presence. As you experience your massage, feel completely comfortable directing the therapist to your more tense areas. This peaceful time allowed time of reflection and renewal from not only the outside, but also within me for true wellness.

All photos are taken by Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik and used with their permission.

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