Star Wars Dubrovnik: Intergalactic Game of Thrones

Star Wars Dubrovnik! Episode 8 locks this futuristically enhanced Old Town locale into history and future travel itineraries. In addition to functioning as King’s Landing in HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik will also serve as the backdrop for the upcoming film of the iconic trilogy of trilogies. This Venetian coastal town at the southern tip of Croatia merits a visit for the ancient history and beauty alone. Moving forward, people will trek to this Old Town because it is an intergalactic futuristic setting. Dubrovnik has an intergalactic, other-worldly feel with amazing horizons at dawn and dusk

Star Wars Dubrovnik Set

The main street, Stradun, now supports new “rock” entry arches and columns that protrude out from the buildings.

Star Wars set in Dubrovnik, Croatia This is on both sides of a street big enough for three cars to easily sit side by side.

Exapansive Star Wars set on Stradun St. in Dubrovnik That width could be important because there has already been a land speeder sighting in the area.

But a casual passing of a land speeder may be tame compared to the action set to unfold in Croatia. It seems pretty certain that there will be some explosive action on this set. These newly constructed columns show damage from some type of blast. Multiple damaged columns on both sides of the street are more than just an accidental bump from a droid or land speeder. Damaged columns where there is going to be a Star Wars explosion Also, the overlay to show a full column rests on the ground behind this set designer.

Damaged column being constructed on Star Wars set Around the corner of Stradun, the main street in Dubrovnik, Onofrio’s Fountain has been updated for the future with white neon vertical posts around it. These cover plain concrete half pillars that are part of the original design.

Onofrio's Fountain with a futuristic upgrade on Star Wars set Next to the fountain lies a large area where any number of scenes could be played out ranging from a thriving city market to a far-reaching lightsaber dual. At the end of Stradun Street and behind the fountain stands scaffolding with plywood all around it which is likely to be green screen allowing for an epic buildout of the rest of the details in the CG realm.

Future green screen on the Star Wars set in Dubrovnik Dubrovnik has history as a hub for international commerce, a destination for refuge and conflict, and as a leader in medicine and thought. Any of these past realities could fit well with an upcoming Star Wars motif.

The extras are ready. Set designers are finishing some augmentation of an already impressive stage. Old Town closure begins this week. Ready. Set. Action! Star Wars Episode 8 set being built in Dubrovnik Dubrovnik now has Star Wars as part of its history. And Star Wars has one amazing Balkan destination on its’ list of amazing locales. Dubrovnik has many monikers which, moving forward, can include #StarWarsDubrovnik and #GameOfIntergalacticThrones.

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