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The Fakultet Dramskih Umetnosti (Drama and Art Faculty) in Belgrade offers the city a street art gallery filled with colors, styles, and fun. The whole exterior of the building is used for hanging art or as a canvas itself for these young, aspiring artists.

We would encourage a good, slow meander around the building if you are ever in the city. Yes, you need to go on foot to see the full display because the building is covered with art on all sides. Some of it is crowded by trees making it difficult to take unobscured pictures, but it all works together brilliantly. We are fans and would like to thank FDU for putting this out there to bring beauty to the city.

Below is a collection of many of the works without comment.

Tiger Medicine or a tiger in a bottle.

Ballet dancers performing on stage

Burning man or the glory of the human body

Skaters working together to make an imperfect, but beautiful expression

Olympic speed skater

Text graffiti at FDU in Belgrade

Air conditioners in street art form at FDU in Belgrade

Pink zig zag graffiti

Southwest influenced street art at FDU in Belgrade

Girl with a head full of ideas

2013 street art in Belgrade

Abstract Bricks in Belgrade

Big English text


  1. Dave

    Very cool stuff! I saw some great artwork last year integrated into things like bridges and walkways in Montenegro. It’s a great opportunity for artists to collaborate with their local cities.

  2. Hey Dave – yes to there being some good stuff like this in Montenegro. We are finding more of this regularly in hidden places in Podgorica and a good bit of incorporated street art in Bijelo Polje in the northern part of the country. Look for stuff like this to start coming as early as next week when we will be featuring Montenegro for a bit.

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