Tailor Made: Athens’ Coffee Made Your Way

story: In prepping for our trip to Athens, I had set my attention on two coffee shops. When we started moving through the city, I quickly realized there was only going to be time for one Athens coffee shop. Tailor Made happened to be the closest to our temporary apartment so I quickly headed out. After stopping to see the street performers, getting turned around a bit, and walking past the shop (which is so incredibly obvious), my friend and I finally made it.

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The place was lined with people catching an afternoon shot… of caffeine to keep them moving. The baristas jumped from one drink to the next, in record times it seemed, pulling shots of espresso one after another. The energy thrilled! When one of the baristas saw me looking over the coffees on display, he stopped to chat and help. Even after realizing I had it under control, he stayed a minute longer as he offered his favorites, discussed brew methods, and told a bit of the story.

Their motivation for starting Tailor Made was simple. He shared, “It was a time when what we wanted in coffee was not offered in Greece. So we made a place so that we could serve the best coffee, and enjoy them at the same time.” Mission accomplished. Let me just say that I will be here any time that I end up in Athens.

vibe: The interior is a bit more discreet than The Blue Cup, but still modern and trendy. Patio seating is spacious and inviting. The cafe sits in the shadows of an old church which creates a peaceful, nostalgic feel. Tailor Made is also a cocktail bar so the vibe is sure to change as afternoon fades into evening.

recommendations: Coffee wise, anything. One of the smoothest espressos that I have tasted. It is on par with some of my favorite places in Portland. Ask about single origin espressos. If you usually put cream and sugar in your coffee, this is the place to try it without.

athens coffee, tasting, tailor made, greece - meanderbug

notes: Seating can be difficult to find. If it’s a nice day, consider it a blessing to stroll with coffee in hand.

location: Signage and outdoor seating, again, is discreet and blends in really well. It’s easy to walk past without noticing it. There will be a small, old church in front of the seating area. Find the church then you have found Tailor Made. Plateia Agias Eirinis 2 @ Monastiraki, Athens, P.C. 10560 , +30 213 0049645



  1. I’m a big fan of coffee and experiencing new flavors and texture of coffee is my kinda thing I do when travelling. I’m heading to Athens in October so I hope to visit the same place!

    1. Matt

      Hey Agness,

      This place is definitely worth the stop. Let me know how it goes! Cheers.


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