the city’s watchman – ljubljana castle

Story: The Ljubljana Castle stands on a hill in the center of the city as if it was keeping watch. The old guardian tells the story of the city that predates the Romans as it has evolved throughout the centuries.

The Ljubljana Castle in its current form dates back to the 15th century. The original area was first a town that was constructed around the 12th century. During the 13th, walls were built around it for protection making it a fortified city on a hill. Around 1335, the castle was conceded to the Habsburg’s with whom it remained over the next few centuries.

As time passed and the area developed, the castle and town’s importance began to fade. It was used intermittently as the ruler’s seat, but during the 19th century became a penal institution. In more recent history, the city has taken care to try to preserve the castle to make it a place for tourists as well as a spot for locals to sit for coffee or a meal. The castle also hosts concerts and festivals that bring a new life and perspective to the castle.

The morning we planned to go to the castle. The fog was so thick that the view was diminished, so I went back later. The clock tower provides a 360 degree view of the city. With the green of Tivoli Hill in the distance and the red and blue tops of the houses and buildings, it was worth a second trip.tivoli park, view from castle

Vibe: Relaxed. People enjoy walking up the hill and wandering around the castle grounds. Meandering around is a great way to spend a late morning or afternoon.

Recommendations: If you’re in a hurry, take the funicular up the hill. On a clear day though, definitely get a pass to the clock tower for a great photo op of the city.

Notes: If the weather is foggy, don’t buy the extra pass up the clock tower. Wasted money. However, when clear, go for it!

Locations: Ljubljana Castle, 1 Grajska planota Ljubljana


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