top 5 adventure spots for 2014

With the new year, we have been thinking and talking about some of the places we are excited about visiting this next year. For adventure tourism, we have had to rework the list a few times. A top 15 or 25 would be easier, but we wanted to narrow it down to the spots we are most excited about right now.

  1. Durmitor National Park, Montenegro – The mountains are rugged. Tara Canyon is reported to have great canyoning and rafting. We’re excited about both of these, but even more so about an ice cave there. For that expedition, our local expert is telling us to get ready for late spring as an optimal time to visit. I can have my bags packed in 15 minutes. Ready. To. Go.
  2. Theth, Albania – We are planning a 4×4 adventure here in the snow. Our first attempt at this was snowed out because our vehicle couldn’t get through. Problem solved now. Excited to go with locals to off-road in the rugged Albanian mountains on rock, ice, and snow.
  3. Rugova, Kosovo – International aid dollars have gone into developing the Rugova area. It’s been mapped and some trails have been blazed. It’s still early in the development stage, but that’s the best time for explorers. We plan to be there.
  4. Ohrid, Macedonia – Our crew had a couple days there this past year which just showed us that we needed more time to explore the adventure parts of the region. We look forward to a combo of biking and spelunking with friends. We may even have time to add some water sports into the mix.
  5. Bled, Slovenia – mountain biking, hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing. Yes, thank you and I’ll have another.


  1. Jeff Buxton

    I love Ohrid! Mesmerizing old world beauty. T’ga za jug!

    1. Brit

      Jeff – I agree. Mesmerizing is an appropriate word for Ohrid. I look forward to going back.

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