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46-page Travel Montenegro ebook to Help Plan Your Next Adventure

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Montenegro is still largely a secret to travelers. For those that do know the country, however, they usually only know a small part of it. This picture-filled ebook tells a fuller story about the most bio-diverse country in Europe. This bigger narrative helps you begin your discovery and travel Montenegro well.

Benefits of the Travel Montenegro ebook

This ebook has been in the making for some time. We have been living and traveling here for years. This has allowed us to obtain insights that are informed and, we believe, worth sharing.  Our stint here so far has allowed us to capture images at key times and develop a network of others that are sharing their quality work to make this collaborative effort what it is. This 3-year project, the Travel Montenegro ebook, benefits readers by providing:

  • A healthy starting point for understanding Montenegro and her people
  • The most comprehensive picture-driven geographic overview of the country we know of
  • Adventure ideas for the physically active and/or the culturally inquisitive
  • Essential info for would-be travelers on Montenegrin logistical


Preparing to put this together we asked what would be most helpful for travelers. We arrived at 5 main ideas. These break out into the following 5 sections:

  • 5 key insights to Montenegrin culture
  • Overview of the 3 regions of the country
  • Adventure idea generator
  • A peek into village life
  • Essential information for Montenegro travel

There are a number of things to know when venturing out to a new place. The most common questions we are asked revolve around: 1) local language; 2) currency and money issues; 3) visa requirements for Montenegro; 4) health and safety info; 5) modes of transportation and how to find them; and 6) mobile communications. You can find answers on each of these questions in the ebook.

Who is this Montenegro travel ebook designed for?

In short this is for travelers. Specifically, it is for:

  • People preparing to vacation in Montenegro whether or not they already have tickets in hand
  • Those who have already been to Montenegro for a few days, a week, or even a number of times and realize that they have only scratched the surface
  • Beach lovers that are seeking to find their ideal beach situation
  • Adventurers and adrenaline junkies that like to explore in the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons
  • Nature lovers that have an affinity for geo- and bio-diversity
  • People who long for an organic get-away experience filled with tradition and culture
  • Foodies that appreciate farm to table and slow food experiences
  • Couples looking to celebrate their honeymoon or anniversary in a memorable place
  • Families planning to make active memories together
  • Friends looking to adventure well together
  • Community Liaison Officers from embassies seeking great discoveries to share with their personnel
  • Corporate training planners searching for extraordinary retreats and team building opportunities
  • Active duty personnel who are wanting some high-energy holidays that could include beaches and mountains, adventure and rest
  • Backpackers that are open to new experiences in emerging travel destinations
  • Anyone looking for a next travel destination

Our commitment to you

We encourage you to download this free ebook. It is our gift to you. This is the type of information we would have liked before our first trip to Montenegro. We simply ask for your name and email and we’ll send you the download.

Our ongoing efforts revolve around bringing value to you and to our local partners. Toward that end, we will send you occasional (think monthly) updates with:

  • New information that we make available
  • Stories we discover
  • New developments and trends in travel to Montenegro
  • Select new listings that come online

We have lots of exciting developments underway now with individual partners. We also are preparing new categories of offers here that fit the unique nature and culture of this amazing place. All of this goes back to our purpose: to help our partners develop financial-generating opportunities; our customers have better than ever expected local experiences; and us work toward a sustainable venture in the process.

While we share lots of stuff and feel that open community is important, one thing we don’t share are email addresses. Your personal information that you share with us will stay private. That is a non-negotiable for us.

Travel Well

We wish you worthwhile and meaningful travels always. If ever we can assist you, we are happy to do so. Whenever a chance may arise that we can sit together and learn from each other, we would be honored. Our desire is that you travel well. Our team at Meanderbug wishes you unforgettable, life-changing adventures!