Hotel Podgorica’s Tri Vijeka: Restaurant on a River

Perched on the edge of the suspended riverbank above the Moraca River Canyon, the oldest hotel in the capital of Montenegro offers a great view, excellent food, and a little-known secret. You need to experience Tri Vijeka (Three Centuries), a Hotel Podgorica restaurant located high above the river.

Turkey with vegetables from Three Centuries in Podgorica - meanderbug

Vibe: The view from the terrace is superb. Hotel Podgorica is the only hotel along the riverbank. The Montenegrin architect, Svetlana Kana Radević, incorporated riverbed stones into the exterior to make the hotel blend into the canyon wall on which it sits. In the center of the city, the hotel restaurant provides a great place to stop during the day and a peaceful spot with live music to unwind and take in the beauty of the river at night. With the cool air coming off the river, the terrace provides a day-long, year-round place to dine and chat with friends in the heart of the city while overlooking the rushing, clear water below.

Sushi prep in Hotel Podgorica kitchen - meanderbug

Recommendation: The food is international in scope with a blend of tradition, fusion and original creations. Chef Sladjana Soc is in the process of making this a must-visit culinary spot. Fresh-baked breads, salads, sushi, main dishes, desserts, Italian espresso–try it all. Everything we have tried so far has been quality. And we ventured far and wide in our research because we care about you. (smile) Yes to one of the best salads in town. The main dishes were great. The desserts sublime. You may want to take it in stages and do a meal during the day followed by dessert at night.

Apple Strudel at Hotel Podgorica - meanderbug

Note: The little-known secret here? Incredible value. Meals are in the 8 to 20 euro range with desserts on par with others in town. That is on par in price, but far superior in every other way.

On a second terrace next to Tri Vijeka is a cafe where drinks, sandwiches and desserts are available. Both offer quality international dishes with a creative flair. Both also have a great view.

Massive. Impeccable. Perfect kitchen.

Lunchtime at the Podgorica Hotel Restaurant - meanderbug

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