Tvrdoš Monastery Wines & Konoba Studenac Dines

Monastery outside of TrebinjeThe Tvrdoš Monastery sits just outside of Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There they make some of the best wines in the region. We paid our respects and admired the colorful, ornate artwork in the monastery chapel, then wandered on down to the basement where they have long corridors with little tables and chairs on one side and great golden wooden barrels of wine on the other. Reaching a window seat, we paid about 2 euros (read: forcibly made them take payment) for a “tasting,” which was more like half a bottle of wine each, poured into huge glasses. The sweet, dark red is the favorite of locals.

Not far from the monastery is a fish restaurant down by a river called Motel & Konoba Studenac. With the late afternoon sun on our faces, we enjoyed an excellent meal of fish soup and bread, followed by grilled fish and vegetables, all washed down with an excellent glass of white wine. The total price was less than 7 euros. We walked down to where they trap the fish, catching only as much as is needed at a time to ensure that it is absolutely fresh. Apparently you go to Bosnia for the excellent cheap wine and food.

Tvrdos Monastery in Trebinje

The cellar in the Tvrdos Monastery in Trebinje

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