Velingrad: Romantic Springs

Those wishing for a romantic getaway can always find great offers in Velingrad and outside the city – either being pampered at a spa, eating a delicious meal at a top-notch restaurant or spending the weekend at a cozy rural guest house.

Location, location, location
Velingrad is named “Spa – Capital of the Balkans,” by the World Conference Branch Organization of Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs (IHRA), held in Monterrey, Mexico. The town is located in the western part of the Rhodope mountain. Beautiful nature and deposits of mineral waters make Velingrad one of the leading “balneological” resorts in the Balkans. Velingrad is also famous for the largest karst spring in Bulgaria, called Kleptuza. Every second 570 liters of ice-cold water gush on its surface and form two lakes flowing into Chepinska River.

Rest and relaxation
There are 80 hot mineral springs gushing in Velingrad, as each of them is a remedy for a specific ache. Their healing power has been known for centuries, an evidence of which have been the mineral baths discovered dating back to the Roman Era. It was in this area where Orpheus once wandered. Nowadays, it is famous as the “blue pearl of the Rhodope Mountains.” You can find mineral baths, swimming pools, beaches, balneological sanatoriums and spa hotels in Velingrad and the surrounding area. Amidst the tranquility and the aroma of candles and oils, you will feel like new. Skillful specialists offer a series of spa procedures for losing weight, beautification, rejuvenation, tone and spirit strengthening.VelingradPoolTreatments include a liquid chocolate therapy, which offers a youthful glow on your skin, rice applications for losing weight, the “milk bath of Cleopatra,” as well as some typical Bulgarian recipes for health and beauty. The most popular treatments are herbal baths with mursalian tea that grows in great quantities in the surroundings of Velingrad. The herb acts as a refreshment and at the same time relaxes the nervous system. During this therapy, fruits and beverages are served, so that your pleasure is guaranteed. You can also take advantage of the aromatherapy, which is usually in the form of relaxing massages with various oils, such as lavender, vanilla, orange, acacia, etc.VelingradResortAfter you are done with your spa services, dip yourself into the hotel jacuzzi. Even if it is outdoors and the temperatures outside are below freezing, the bubbling hot water will relax you while you enjoy the falling snowflakes. Possibly enjoy a sauna, a steam bath, dip into a mineral water pool, and more for all you spa lovers.VelingradHotel

Velingrad was established in 1948 upon the merging of three settlements – Kamenitsa, Ladzhene and Chepino. The Tsepina Fortress is a monument of culture with national significance. It was built on a rocky hill with elevation of 1136 m, and during the Middle Ages, the fortress was a political and administrative center. Workshops and businesses focusing on wood material processing were established in the region around Velingrad after the liberation from the Ottoman Empire in 1878.

Once you visit Velingrad, you will definitely come again dazzled by its beauty and the hospitality of the Rhodopean people, who are always accustomed to having their home full with guests and tables shared with others.

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