Vitsi Ski Center: Greece’s Secluded Slopes

Cooler weather, snowfall, holiday preparations are all building up the anticipation for a winter vacation.   As one who grew up in a warm environment, I rarely thought of winter sports. My husband has been both skiing and snowboarding, and now it is time for me to join him on the slopes. I’ve gone for moral support, but mostly remained in the cozy lounge with a warm drink in hand. Now that we live around numerous mountain ranges, how could I not try the descend? Tucked away in a dense forested mountain hideaway and only 22 km from Greece’s quaint, picturesque town Kastoria is Vitsi Ski Center. Vitsi on top the 1880 meter high Verno mountain is the perfect escape for couples and families, including us.

Vitsi welcomes all skiers and snowboarders with the services and facilities of Mt. Olympus without the crowds. In the morning, my husband can spend time mastering the intermediate and advanced runs (blue and red), while I learn one of the two beginning “bunny” (green) slopes with an instructor. The advanced slope, Dinogianni, is divided into two tracks one for skiers and the other for snowboarders and holds complete with points for jumps and toe grabs . After lunch and much needed warm drinks, we can both ski down the same run together. Note: Vitsi Ski Center also has a 2500 meter cross-country ski track for the Nordic skiers.

For beginner skiers who may not own the proper equipment, yet still wish to travel, have no fear the Vitsi Ski Center is able to outfit for any level for any of the activities they offer. The worry of not having the proper a gear or the fear of lugging more items through an airport should not keep anyone from traveling for an enjoyable ski getaway.

Our family looks forward to a new winter vacation in fresh, powder snow at this all mountain ski resort.

Who will brave the slopes with me?

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