Who Should Book a Vacation in Montenegro via Meanderbug

Meanderbug is different. We think travel should be different too. 

For us, travel is about more than just going somewhere. At Meanderbug, we connect those with open hearts and a sense of adventure to a travel model that gives back, ecologically and relationally. As the originators of the farm stay and resulting hut-to-hut concepts in Montenegro, we have trail-blazed sustainable, eco-friendly accommodations, together with select local NGOs. It is a whole different way to vacation in Montenegro. 

Combined, our small team has lived in Montenegro for more than 100 years. We know this place. We love this breathtaking country and seek to unlock her secrets–from culture and hospitality to organic food and nature. This is the Montenegro we have been helping travelers tap into since 2016. Here’s how we do that…

Meanderbug and Sustainable Tourism in Montenegro

Due to the lack of opportunities, locals are leaving the north. This is especially true for young people.  Studies show that the population equivalent of a medium-sized city in Montenegro has migrated from the north in the past 15 years. We believe this must be stopped.

Meanderbug gives back to the local communities and promotes responsible tourism by helping travelers:

  • Buy local. Meanderbug is a registered company in Montenegro. We are building a viable entity whose values and goals align with those of our partners and clients. We create local entrepreneurs. We pay our local taxes and coach our partners to do the same. We are dedicated to helping local communities by showcasing their unique farm stays. When you book your vacation in Montenegro with Meanderbug, you advance sustainable tourism that impacts communities. 
  • Experience the authentic. Historically, Montenegro is a land of villages and katuns. This is where the culture originated. The villages and katuns represent the best of natural beauty, adventure, and organic cuisine. 
  • Connect to nature. Raft in the deepest canyon in Europe. Climb one of the tallest peaks in the Balkans. Bike through one of the three virgin forests in Europe. Swim in the largest lake in the Balkans. Sit down to a table covered with food prepared entirely from the farm’s harvest.
  • Enjoy quality time. Imagine your holiday in Montenegro to be time full of adventures and relaxation. By pre-paying for accommodation, food and experiences, you reduce unnecessary worries for you and liability for our partners, Then they can focus on providing you with Montenegrin-style hospitality.

We also enhance traveler experience by helping partners:

  • Comply with local laws. We help our partners develop profitable small businesses. And, we encourage legal compliance to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Host well. We have travelers coming from an array of backgrounds and cultures. Montenegro is the land of “sve može,” or “everything is possible.” Our partners go out of their way to give clients the best possible vacation at their farm stay based on cultural expectations or personal requirements.
  • Become entrepreneurs. As they open their homes and farms to clients, locals become independent entrepreneurs. Many of our partners are women who for the first time are getting a chance to make money for themselves. This way, Meanderbug helps leaders in villages advance sustainable ideas that benefit local communities.
Meanderbug and stewarding the environment - compost toilet specifications for katuns

Meanderbug and Stewarding the Environment

Montenegro is the most biodiverse country in Europe. Protecting the environment here is a critical issue. Meanderbug collaborates with leading local environmentalists and coaches farm stay partners to sustain the ecological beauty of this country. We also want travelers to have a great experience in Montenegro that does not harm local ecosystems. Our continued efforts include:

  • Developing compost toilets. Meanderbug was the first company to create a compost toilet design for Montenegro. Properly designed compost toilets provide a sanitary waste management system. They are a perfect eco-friendly solution that fit the katun mountain landscape and has no negative impact on the environment. 
  • Promoting an environmental narrative. Meanderbug has a holistic environmental vision. We collaborate with several NGOs and partners throughout the country. We have conducted river clean-ups, repaired village roads, and brainstormed ways to reclaim nature.
Meanderbug.com versus Airbnb versus Booking.com

Meanderbug vs Airbnb and Booking.com in Montenegro

When we created Meanderbug.com, we never imagined that our biggest competitors would be corporate giants like Booking.com and Airbnb. These companies have their place to help with hotels and apartments in more developed areas. However, we have a key niche in rural regions. Our modular booking approach is vital to the success of locals and travelers, especially in northern Montenegro. It enables us to offer the best of our farm stays which customers can choose from to create a customized plan. This approach inspires us to: 

  • Foster lasting friendships. Our partners are not just names on a list. They are our neighbors and friends. We relish every chance we get to do life with our partners, and we want to help them imagine and create the best possible accommodations and farm stays. They represent the essence of Montenegro to us, and they will open Montenegro to you. 
  • Create different food options.  We want all travelers to experience the real Montenegro village farm to table. Also, we work with partners to coach for those with dietary restrictions. We have opened up a wide variety of options for people on vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and other diets. 
  • Keep travelers safe. Due to mountainous terrain, navigating roads in Montenegro can be difficult. While map applications will guide travelers via the shortest route, these are not always passable by normal vehicles. Meanderbug communicates with clients and partners to ensure safe routes to destinations. And, if necessary, Meanderbug uses our tools and network to assist and even rescue stranded travelers. 
  • Provide trip planning. We put more information in each of our modular listings to help you make better decisions. Also, we are ready to help you put the modules together to make your #crazygoodtravel adventure fit your specific needs and goals.
  • Develop free resources for travelers. Some of the informational resources we have prepared for travelers include

We are constantly updating our travel info and we will have more valuable resources coming soon!

  • Attract better clients. We didn’t believe it at first, but our partners keep telling us we have better clients. They don’t cancel causing partners lost revenues. They are more interested in culture. More willing to try new foods. More adventurous. More interesting. And they are more likely to form friendships with their host(s). 
  • Be accessible for travelers. Our clients are only one phone call away from direct interaction with someone who can give key information or help make a decision for the traveler’s benefit. We provide complimentary translation between partners and clients as necessary. Meanderbug is committed to providing quick refunds in the event of a mistake or change of circumstances. 
Why Book your Vacation in Montenegro with Meanderbug

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The Meanderbug team has spent countless hours brainstorming how to unlock Montenegro’s rural tourism potential. We truly want to help travelers from around the world have a superb trip here. We are doing this to help people across Montenegro find jobs, realize their dreams, and connect tourists in a meaningful way. Every booking helps validate what we do and move #crazygoodtravel forward by impacting locals and Montenegro as a whole. If you resonate with our ethos, then join with us by telling others about #crazygoodtravel or by booking your own adventure at Meanderbug.com.


  1. Elke Raman

    We were very glad to have made the reservations in Biogradska Gora with the meanderbug team. Brit and Jovan gave us a lot of information, were quick in their answers and were very helpful whenever we had trouble finding our way. Thanks to them, we had a very nice 3 days in Biogradska Gora. Thanks again!

  2. Almut Schenk

    We could hardly wait for our trip to Montenegro and were very much looking forward to our vacation. Unfortunately we had to cancel it because of COVID-19. Nevertheless, we would like to take the opportunity to thank Jovan for his assistance and advice with our bookings. He is very helpful and professional, and we hope that we can make up the trip as soon as possible.

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