Zemun: Quiet Place from Belgrade

Just to the west of Belgrade lies Zemun. In comparison with the capital, it is a quiet community. For those living in Zemun, it is a separate, distinct place. For many living in Belgrade, it is just part of the city based on the growth and sprawl of the metroplex.

Like other cities, the feel of Zemun today is a direct result of its past. This city was heavily influenced by the Austrians and never controlled by the Ottomans. As a result, the architecture is western in nature. The intact, beautiful architecture combined with the allure of the Danube River make this a natural place for culture and quality food offerings to pop up. There are a number of places worth checking out here including some of the Meanderbug favorites–Unca Fibre and Kafe Galerija. So, for a good meal, stroll along the river, and to appreciate a gorgeous, historic place, head to Zemun for a day.
Contrast in Zemun. New paint.

Contrasts in multi-unit housing.

Strolling along the riverwalk in Zemun during January

A wintery stroll along the Danube. Though our stroll was great, it will be even nicer when sunshine and sandals are in season.

Looing toward Zemun from the river at dusk

The St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and Gardos Tower at dusk. This shot was taken from the river walk area

Chapel across the street from the Gardos Tower

A night shot of the St. Dmitry or Haris Chapel located across the street from the Gardos Tower. An interesting structure in its’ own right, but it loses appeal based on the more impressive Gardoš history and Tower.

A wall from the medieval fortress and the Gardos Tower

This ancient wall on Gardoš Hill dates back to the Roman period. It is mentioned in literature dealing with the first crusades back in 1089. In the background is the Gardoš Tower.

In Zemun, the Gardos Tower at night

The massive Gardoš Tower at night.

Looking out from Gardos Hill at night

Looking out over Zemun from Gardoš Hill at night.

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