What we do…

We find great people, great stories, great places, and great experiences and make them available to you. We make #CrazyGoodTravel possible for you in Montenegro and the surrounding region.

Why should you care?

There are two reasons what we do matters. First, it’s good for others. Second, it’s good for you.

For starters, traveling with meanderbug helps locals. We work in cooperation with others to plan travel experiences that will help provide work and opportunity where it has been lacking. We coach, hire, and partner in ways to advance opportunities for people in the community. Learn more about how we make a difference in communities where we work.

Second, you plan your travel the way you want. We provide the most eco-friendly options for you to select the adventures and places that you want to experience. These experiences will get you close to locals and as far off the beaten path as you want to go. Crazy Good Travel will put you in the middle of organic, culture, and adventure goodness.

Traveling through meanderbug means your travel will be both more about you and more about others. It is fun, good travel. It is unforgettable.

Traditional, organic food from northern MontenegroWho we are…

We love this Balkan peninsula. That’s why we live and travel here. The story and beauty captivate us. That’s why we seek to unlock the amazing aspects of this land and people for other travelers.

We are natives and outsiders working here together. Our locals bring story, lots of contacts, and understanding to our effort to help you travel well. Our expats bring fresh perspective and vision to seek good for travelers and communities alike.

Our mission is simple. We unlock the Balkans to make #CrazyGoodTravel work. For travelers, we work for you to be able to experience the beauty, culture, and adventure of this region. For locals, we strive to create positive change in helping identify, create, and promote viable ways for them to generate income. For communities, we seek to promote healthy, sustainable change.

Our values are straightforward as well.

We love people. More important than things, people are our customers, our partners, our colleagues, our friends, and our families. We value people more than products or services and more than processes or revenues.

We value good. Honesty, wisdom, and justice are important parts of finding and elevating good. We seek to advance good for our partners, customers, and others in our spheres of influence.

We promote local. We choose sustainable over commercial. We choose neighbors. We embrace and want to be part of cultivating healthy communities.

We seek adventure. A life lived well includes a sense of awe and wonder. Adventure is a key part of finding and celebrating the mysterious and beautiful in nature, culture, and people.


  1. Meredith Hiemstra

    Hello. My family of four (kids are 7 and 9) are meeting up with four grandparents in Montenegro, from 7-15 October. We are American, and they’ll be traveling from the U.S. – probably flying in to Dubrovnik and renting a car. We live in Tirana so will be driving up by car. Can you please help us organize an active vacation in Montenegro, for 8 people, of vastly different ages? We definitely want to see Budva and Kotor. Thank you!

    1. Hi Meredith! Thanks for your inquiry. I am excited for your family to visit Montenegro, and have just now responded to you via email.

  2. Joe Cline

    Fantastic place to visit and an amazing business ran by great people. I have spent several months in Montenegro traveling with Meanderbug. Always impressed by customer service and their desire to benefit the Balkans and tell the region’s story.

  3. Aleksandar Jaredic

    I am a Montenegrin and the most amazing thing about Meanderbug crew is that they managed to find places in my country that I never knew existed! And I live here! Also they have found the most loving and hospital people in those places so I am sure that you will fall in love in them and in the country as well.

  4. Mladen Ivanovic

    I’m also Montenegrin, and I have also discovered my little country with Meanderbug team. Their goal is really more than helpful for this region. By working with them you help society. And also you will see amazing nature and lovely people.

  5. Angela

    You can tell the Meanderbug team puts their hearts into what they do. They work with integrity creating a pleasant and exciting experience with the customer. I wouldn’t hesitate in booking with them again. Highly recommend!

  6. Nikola Novovic

    Meanderbug. Perfect team for perfect vacation. They know about places that I did not know existed even though I’m a local. And those places are unique and fantastic.

  7. I am following you from the start and I can only write: every honor, what you discover in Montenegro, phenomenally … tourists who come here for the first time, will come all the time because it’s worth

  8. Sarah Duff

    Thank you Brit and Zana for helping us to plan the most amazing trip! I love the idea and ethos behind Meanderbug and your farm stays are truly special. I hope that more people start to travel like this!

  9. Brit was consistently helpful and informative from the first contact and throughout our farm stay. He arranged for my husband’s two days of fly fishing and for my village experience, assisting with transportation, creative activities, and understanding of the culture and the people. Meanderbug is providing unique and positive eco travel experiences with sensitivity of the environment, the beauty, and the local people.

  10. We contacted Brit at Meanderbug before our second trip to Montenegro and he offered great specific suggestions for places to stay that fit our criteria. The two farm stays we did in small villages were highlights of that trip. We love the people we met and returned again this year for a third trip during which we visited the people we stayed with last time. Brit is generous with his time and knowledge of the area and cares deeply both for the travelers that book through Meanderbug and the locals who provide great activities and places to stay.

  11. Sandro

    I’m interested in fly fishing for trout in the Tara River in early Spring (End March 2019). Can you give me some information about the fishing season for trout and grayling in the Tara?

    Many thanks


    1. Thanks for writing Sandro. Am emailing you now.

  12. Elisabeth Bohlmann

    Hi, we’d love to visit your cabin in Pesic Katun from August 1-3 (two nights), but it seems only August 2-3 are available. Could you confirm just in case?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. taylortjt2

    Thank you Meanderbug for an amazing family vacation that will be forever cherished. Your passion for Montenegro, its people and for creating more than just a vacation but an experience in culture, compassion and travel shines through everything you do. I also appreciate your patience and prompt replies to my never ending string of emails.

    1. Thank you, Angela! Great to work with you and we were honored to help your family have a memorable adventure. We wish your family all the best!!!

  14. ELI

    i want to make a reservation to Vukovic Organic Farm Stay – Montenegro
    but I can not choose the date in the web , it impossible to mark the date that i want to come.
    please tell me how to solve the problem

  15. Jovan Radnic

    Thank you, Eli.

    We responded to your comment via email, a few days after you posted it.
    Vukovic Farm won’t be taking bookings but new listing in the same area will be coming live soon!

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