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Here are four things you need to know:

1. This place is amazing!

We live in one of those spectacular, unbelievably beautiful places in Europe. The nature in the Balkans is breathtaking. We have the Adriatic sea, a number of distinct lakes and rivers and countless mountains. The culture is equally amazing. There are centuries old vineyards that rival the best in the world to permaculture farms located in the middle of national hiking and mountain biking trails.

2. The village way of life is in trouble!

Many locals here in Montenegro and the surrounding region are struggling to maintain their way of life. Thousands have left for the cities and other countries. A minimum average income in Montenegro is 400 euros for a full-time job. Even those are hard to find. Many villagers do not even generate that amount of income on a monthly basis.

3. Staying in a village rocks!

What these villagers do have is centuries of tradition, organic farm to table foods, amazing nature and adventure all around, as well as a lot of spunk. Meanderbug has developed a growing network of farm stay and adventure partners to open up the local opportunities for travelers. We continue coaching, encouraging, and working with our partners.

4. We need your help!

After a lot of hard work developing partners and a delivery system, now we need to locate customers. We are looking for people to help us tell the story and inform others about the amazing travel here. We will pay a 5% commission on every sale you generate for 90 days after you send people to us. And every sale you make will help make a difference in the lives of locals.

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