We want to thank you for what you do! In return, we want to give you a range of active duty adventure to have an amazing get-away at unbelievable prices. These are some of the adventure  highlights in places that continue to surprise us with their beauty and goodness. All this is among and with a people that are full of spirit and hospitality. You will have a good time. We are certain of it. We designed these active duty adventure packs for you.


Adventure Packs for Active Duty Personnel

We have designed several multi-day trips for you. More are coming soon. Right now we have world-class fly fishing with grayling and the massive endemic huchen.  A huge range of rock climbing routes out on the beach are available unless you prefer a beach with just a little rock climbing. You will go off-road into Lord of the Rings type settings where bio-diversity is defined.  You can chill and hone your skill in Bushcraft training in the mountains, or enjoy some on fleek mountain biking.

These adventure packs are all-inclusive. If there is any additional cost during an adventure pack trip, you will find that notice in advance listed in the features. Most do not have any extra costs after you select the module and features that you want. We want you to go and have a blast and not have to think about money once your adventure begins. These adventure packs list from 498 to 688 euros per person for a group of 4 people. Bigger groups will usually mean more savings. Plus active duty personnel receive a discount (see below). Check out the adventure pack options!


Discounts for Active Duty Adventure

Once again, thank you! As part of that thanks, we offer a special discount for active duty personnel. For the first 5 groups that book an adventure pack, we are offering a 100 euro discount. With budget flights available from Western Europe and the low cost already of our modules, this makes for a one-of-a-kind opportunity. For the remainder of the year we are offering a 50 euro discount to you.

To receive the discount codes, contact us. We are asking for information just to verify that you are active duty. We will send you emails in the future about new offers as well. This is a special offer for you because of your commitment. We don't want others taking advantage of your service and our offer. Thank you for helping us protect that.

Be sure to request the discount code and let us know if we can answer any questions. The code will change occasionally to prevent fraud. You can always ask us for the latest code.

Check out the adventure pack options! And keep checking back weekly as new adventure packs will be coming online.

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