Big Catch Fly Fishing with my Kidneys Intact

I want to travel the world. I love to fly fish. But…I don’t have enough money to go on a luxurious, guided, all-inclusive trip to a gorgeous exotic location. At least not like the ones that I have been seeing in the magazines. I wish I could find a place to go that I can experience crazy good, low-cost travel. Where I could stay like a local and fish. Well, actually, not just fish, but experience big catch fly fishing. Does this even exist? I’m just your average Joe with a normal job.

I’ve said this to myself so many times…perhaps it sounds familiar to you too.

Still, I’m drooling over pictures and videos online. I’m ready to go, but then I look at the price tag. Sure I would contemplate selling a kidney to get access to the water. But it feels like maybe I should keep both kidneys intact for now.

Then I found Meanderbug and heard their story (and checked their price tag). And it happened. I took a day while I was in Montenegro and fished on the Tara River. They set me up with a guide who arranged my local license. He knew the best spots, supplied the flies that worked, and the knowledge to catch fish. Here’s the kicker, I kept both of my kidneys. It was actually affordable. It was at the very end of the season, but I was still giddy to be out there in such a place.

An average Joe fly fishing in Montenegro on a wintry day
Joe fishing the Tara River in Montenegro late in the season

A bonus to the fly fishing was the farm stays. Meanderbug didn’t stick me in a 5-star resort like so many of the other inclusive trips I found. I was able to stay like a local and experience the great food and great lifestyle Montenegro has to offer in the farm network they are developing. I stayed at an older couple’s farm and they cooked all my meals on their wood stove for me. It quickly became as much of a cultural experience as it was a fly fishing adventure.

Danube salmon
Catching a Danube salmon always brings a big smile – photo: T. Palavrtic

I knew my hard earned money was going to help out a local village and not just another resort. Overall what a great experience. Go fly-fishing for Grayling, Brown Trout, Marbled Trout, and Danube Salmon. Stay in a comfortable, local village home. Eat local, organic foods. And help the families that are opening their homes for these amazing adventures.

Big catch fly fishing Montenegro
Sometimes you have to put your shoulder into it – photo: T. Palavrtic

I keep watching the video and pictures of the recent big catch fly fishing adventures. I can’t wait to go back and take my kidneys (and my wife) with me.

Check out available big catch fly fishing adventures in Montenegro or talk with Meanderbug about other options.

Fly fishing Plav Lake in Montenegro - photo: T. Palavrtic