Bar: City of Sun, Sea and Stone

Experience the best of the Montenegrin coast city of Bar year-round. 240 sunny days a year, between the sea and rocks, winds that intersect the smell of the Adriatic, pine and fig tree, creates a unique mix of the basic elements of nature. Become a part of nature, experience the unique place! Get active exploring Lake Skadar and the Rumija Mountain, examine the rich history by visiting one of the castles or feast on fresh-caught seafood.

Get your bearings
Water defines Bar. Adriatic Sea forms the western boundary of the city, mirroring the sailboat docks at the port of Bar. The center of town with its hodgepodge of boutique shopping cafes is right down the main street from the port and marina, while east of the city, Lake Skadar nourishes Bar’s wine country near Virpazar. Southeast of the city, Stari Bar (Old Town) elevates itself some four kilometers inland from the coast.BarMarina BarMountain

Mountain and sea
Cheerful wild orchids speckle the hiking trails of Rumija Mountain and waters along the shore are covered by bamboo at Lake Skadar National Park. For outdoor types, this is favorite area in the summer. For kayaking and other waterborne activities, paddle downriver until you enter Lake Skadar, the last habitat of the pelicans in Europe, the biggest bird reservation in Europe, one of the last freshwater marshes in the Mediterranean and the largest freshwater lake in Europe.Skadar Lake-Montenegro-Meanderbug

Fresh seafood and national flavors
Expect fresh-caught seafood dishes citywide, thanks to Bar’s marine location. The riblja pijaca (fish market) displays giant shrimp and fresh sea bass nestled atop mounds of crushed ice. A colorful array of fresh peaches, pomegranates and apples complement the seafood at the pijaca. Enjoy the freshest and tastiest of ingredients, menus designed according to the season and recipes that have been passed down through generations. In Bar, the best meat competes with the Adriatic’s freshest fish.BarRibljaPijaca

Stari Bar is one of those magical places where modern residents live in the shadow of Turkish baths, Roman aqueducts and a citadel where the first stones were laid over 1,000 years ago. Listen to the sound of lively people under the shadow of a 2,000 years old olive tree. The Museum of Local History in Bar is housed in the magnificent building of the castle of King Nikola from 1885, close to the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by a park with different types of tropical plants. Bar also has rich cultural life: theatre performances, concerts and art exhibitions throughout the year.
KingNicolasPalaceUrban parks
Stretch out on the 44 km long Bar Riviera and watch colorful sailboats dotting The Adriatic. Most of the beaches are covered with pebbles, but the most famous beach in Bar is Sutomore Beach, with its 1 km long sand coastline. Bar’s boardwalk and seafront are perennial favorites, allowing for easy strolling and bike riding.BarRivieraBarBiking

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