Durmitor National Park immediately catches the eye with its rugged yet beautiful landscape. The national park is composed of a mountain massif with 48 peaks over 2000 m in elevation on a vast mountain massif. As the second largest national park of Montenegro, the Durmitor massif sprawls out over an area of 390 square km.

Durmitor was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980, and for good reason. This stunning national park boasts jagged mountainsides, emerald forests and grasslands, and fierce rivers. Additionally, the deepest canyon in Europe, Tara Canyon, plunges 1,300 m down from the towering peaks of the massif.

The park is also home to 18 glacial lakes. The locals reverently refer to these to as "Gorski Oči," which translates to "mountain eyes." Black Lake, the largest glacial lake, mirrors the dark mountains and rich pine forests surrounding it. As a result, the excellently reflective lake can appear black in full sunlight.

Travellers will definitely experience the adventure of a lifetime if they choose to add Durmitor to their itinerary. The park bursts with opportunity for hikers and mountain bikers, with trails ranging from easy to very advanced. Additionally, the Tara River Canyon enamours thrill seekers, whether they choose to zip line across it or brave its river rapids while rafting.

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