Albanian Climbing Festival – June 1-3, 2018

The coolest (and only) annual climbing festival in Albania

The 2018 Albanian Climbing Festival, the fourth annual climbing festival in the country’s history, will be in (TBD) on June 1-3. By registering, you are becoming a contributing member of the Albanian climbing community. Route development is a lot of work and is only possible through the tireless efforts of locals and expats who have spent weeks cleaning, bolting, and developing these amazing routes. Your participation in this festival allow us to continue developing the routes in Albania.

In addition to climbing, there will be hiking, yoga, slacklining, and who knows what else. And some more climbing too.  It will be a rad festival.

Participants can meet-up in Tirana and take a bus to the festival. Sport and top-rope routes are cleaned, bolted, and ready to send.  All of these routes are graded at 6a or less using the French Grading System (5.10b YDS).  There is also a nearly unlimited amount of Trad climbing of varying difficulty available as well if you are looking to log a first ascent.

Albania is in the early stages of developing a climbing culture. The places and routes already developed are amazing. The opportunities for the future are amazing. This will be a great opportunity to support this growing culture and climbing possibilities in the country.  Come be a part of this Albanian Climbing Festival and make a place for your name in climbing history.

Albanian climbing festival - camping on the beach

Features of the Albanian Climbing festival

  • Live music Friday and Saturday night
  • Climbing guide and beta
  • Transportation from Skrapar to climbing areas outside the city
  • Cool stickers from Rock Tirana and other sponsors
  • Use of top ropes set up by Rock Tirana
  • Festival registration – 25 euros (includes all climbing, yoga, and concert)


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  1. Amazing experience & people!

    Amazing experience, coolest people

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Albanian Climbing Festival with Rock Tirana

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