Fly Fishing in the Lim River – Montenegro

Catch and release fly fishing in the pristine waters of the Lim River with guide, gear, and license.

There are good places for fly fishing, there are great places for fly fishing, and then there is the Lim River in northern Montenegro. Year-round regional anglers make their way to Plav, Montenegro to experience the beauty of the area and the rush of pulling in a grayling or a massive huchen (Danube Salmon). It is the stuff of dreams for fishermen and women.

With its pristine waters, the Lim offers incredible visibility. The quiet running waters offer peaceful ambient noise while the surrounding Prokletije Mountains give a visual background making this a picture-perfect setting. Add in some of the best fly fish potential in the Balkan region with several endemic species and you have a fishing fairy tale–almost too good to be true. Almost.

The fish here will provide something for everyone from cold water riverine salmonids to lake dominant species. The species list includes grayling, hucho or huchen (Danube Salmon), various trout species (including the endemic and massive Marble Trout Salmo marmoratus), pike, and many more. This is the stuff of fish tales.

Fly fishing in Montenegro has had a resurgence with locals in the last several years. They have been working to clean and protect their rivers and the fish in them. All fly fishing is catch and release with licensed zones on rivers where fishing is permitted. This has led to a growing fish population with amazing results for today’s fly fisherman or woman.
We partner with the local fly fishing clubs to guide. They know the waters best. They fish them every day. And they care deeply about the environment. This is a passionate, networked group of people that want to work together to make your fly fishing experience first class and to continue to do good for their rivers and communities.
Fly fishing in the Lim River - drone perspective

Fly Fishing in the Lim River Module Features

  • One day fishing in the Lim River with a local guide from 100 euros
  • Pickup from and return to nearby lodging or meet at local coffee shop
  • Includes a day pass for fly fishing on the Lim River in an approved zone
  • Flies and rods are provided
  • Limited quantities and sizes of waders and boots available
  • All fishing is catch and release

35 reviews

  1. have booked online need address

  2. We’re in Kotor 1st July to 15th July. At least one of our party would like a day’s fishing; maybe two of s in the second week.


  3. Simon – I sent you an email. We can chat there about your desire to go fly fishing in the Lim River in northern Montenegro. We’re happy help make this happen! Thanks for writing.

  4. Fly fishing in Montenegro = top life experience

    Absolutely loved fly fishing! It was my first time and I had a great teacher and we learned so much! Fly fishing in Montenegro is honestly one of the coolest experiences I have ever had in my life!

  5. Great nature, guide, and fly fishing!

    This was my first fly fishing experience and I loved it. If you’ve never been fly fishing don’t worry because they are such great teachers. I had a blast moving down the river fly fishing, and was able to snatch up a couple fish! 5/5!

  6. Hi needs trout spin (not fly) fishing guide for 2+1 persons 25-28 Aug please contact

  7. Boris – we are reaching out via email. Thanks for your interest in fishing guides in Montenegro.

  8. I will be in Dubrovnik in May 2018 and wonder if there are waters near enough there to do a day’s fishing?The Lim River looks to be too far for a day trip. Can you advise?

  9. Thanks Jim for your fly fishing Montenegro inquiry. Am reaching out via email.

  10. As a guide with over forty years experience of fishing, this was one of the best river days I have ever experienced.

    As a professional fly fishing guide, I was looking forward immensely to being “on the other end of the rod” so-to-speak and the setting could not have been more perfect. A quick image search on Google for “fly fishing in Montenegro” threw up some images that were straight-up fly fishing nirvana! Expectations were high!

    I had an incredible, amazing, awesome, jaw-dropping, eye-opening, inspiring, fun, warm, relaxed, B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T day! Oki, my guide, was a consummate professional throughout the day and was able to show me some truly astounding fish, sitting stoically in the gin-clear waters (which Oki assured me were suffering much lower visibility than it could be, I can barely imagine the setting in such conditions!) We even came close to a Huchen, aka ‘The European Taimen’ which must have been over one meter long from nose to tail. It got spooked in the low water, but oh my goodness, what an experience!

    After a relaxed lunch (eight euros for four courses!) back at the town of Plav, Oki met us at the cafe and generously agreed that my family could come along for the afternoon session. Corwin, my eight-year-old son was absolutely over the moon at the prospect of casting a fly and Oki was a wonderfully patient coach, answering innumerable questions on all things fishy! Corwin caught two small Chubb (equalling my total for the day!) and this was simply the cherry on the icing on the wonderful cake.

    Get in touch with Brit. Pack your gear. Get into some of the most astounding fishing you are ever likely to do! As a guide with over forty years experience of fishing, this was one of the best river days I have ever experienced… And that was when the river was low! Guess who’s coming back as soon as absolutely possible!

  11. Fantastic!

    Fly Fishing the Lim River, Montenegro

    I have been on a journey for the last couple of years traveling to different destinations and seizing the opportunity to fly fish. My travels have taken me to Colorado, USA, Sao Miguel, Portugal, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

    I contacted Meanderbug when I knew I was heading to Montenegro. Owner Brit Boone wrote me back immediately and let me know that he could arrange a couple of days fishing the Lim River. I came in late October knowing that weather and water conditions would be less than perfect.

    I met Brit and we went to Cafe Mozart in Plav to connect with my guide Oki. Oki had all of the equipment that I needed and I spent two days with him on a beautiful stretch of the Lim.

    Each day was completely different, fishing both fast and slow water. Oki showed me new nymphing techniques and made sure that whenever there was an opportunity to fish with dry flies that we took advantage.

    I caught and released several graylings, brown and rainbow trout. The Lim is gorgeous and even late in the season provided enough quality fish to make it a great destination for both beginning and accomplished anglers.

    I can’t say enough good things about Oki. He is an accomplished fly fishing guide, a patient, kind teacher and knows where the fish are and how to catch them.

    I had a fantastic time fly fishing in Montenegro and would like to return sometime and have to opportunity to fish some of it’s other beautiful rivers and lakes.

    Thank you Brit and Oki for fantastic time.

    Mitch Barrett

  12. Hello, your site looks great! Wonderful reviews! My wife and another couple will likely be coming to Montenegro in May and seeing if the fishing is good then? Thank you!

    1. Rob – thanks for the encouragement, we are working hard to build something special for travelers and our local partners.
      Yes to good fly fishing here in May. Of course, there are always potential extenuating circumstances with weather, but we expect there to be good grayling and other species in play at that time of year based on normal fish patterns.
      Reaching out to you by email now to help with planning there.

  13. After a few pointers, I was catching fish!

    This was my first experience fly fishing, but it was amazing. The guide knew exactly where to take me and after a few pointers, I was catching fish! The river and nature surrounding the river were beautiful as well. I would recommend this trip to any traveler interested in fly fishing.

  14. we may be traveling to the area in mid april 2018 and are interested in either a day or so fly fishing and possibly the 5 day trip. how is the fishing at that time. is wading good and what type of fish are active. trout is our preference.

    1. Bruce – thanks for writing. The beginning of April is usually good before the big snow melt up in the mountains. Generally, the first two weeks of April the hucho are spawning making it a good time to catch larger fish. Also, the grayling are usually active at that time. Conditions in the second half of April are generally not as optimal. Wading is good in the first part of April as well. We will usually go out in chest high waders as there is so much variance in the waters where we fish.
      As is true everywhere, nature is not fully predictable. Conditions change some from year to year.
      Dropping you a note via email.

  15. Hi I’m in tivat from 4th june want to book a day’s fishing not sure where your based and nearest town could you give me more info then we back in September for 4 days fishing

    1. Hey Sean, thanks for writing. Sending you an email now to follow-up about fly fishing in Monte.

  16. Hi Brit – we are in Ulcinj next week and i wondered if there is any fly fishing within reasonable distance you could hook me up with for a day?

    1. Great question, Will. Am emailing you with details.

  17. Hi Brit,
    I will be flying into Podgorica, Montenegro next month and am very interested in booking a fly fishing class with you. How do we get to the Lim river from Podgorica?


    1. Sounds great Carol. We will set you up with a pro that can work with you at your level of fly fishing. Am sending you an email on this now.

  18. Brit, hi. I am going to be near the Lim next week, and am interested in doing at least one day’s fishing. Where’s best; nearer to Bijelo Polje or further South beyond Andrijevica and around Plav?

    1. The best fishing in the Lim is near Plav. But, we are working on some more stuff…always.
      I’ll drop you a note about your time this next week.

  19. Hi!
    Me and my friend arriving Plav 29/6 evening. Starts our hike towards Theth 1/7. Really wanna hire a fly fishing guide 30/6 for Lim River with all necessary equipment. Is this possible? Tried to book online but it was a struggle due to weak Internet. Please contact me as soon as you can.

    P.S. Sorry for short notice.

    Joel from Sweden

    1. Hey Joel – thanks for writing. In a word, yes.
      Writing you via email now. Happy hiking and tight lines.

  20. Learned a lot

    Fly fishing in Montenegro is so famous that during a recent trip I could not pass up on the opportunity. There was one problem though. I don’t know how to fish. Oki, the world-class professional fly fishing guide was a great teacher and had a greater level of patience with me than I had with myself. Prior to donning waders, and while he got gear together to go down to the Lim River, he had us practicing on land. The pace was relaxed but we were always moving, always being taught something, being shown something new, being offered tips, a new fly, or replacements for the ones I lost (a few times). Being on the river for the day was a great experience. Oki guided and taught but he also did some fly fishing himself. That too was a treat to watch, such skill, patience, and excitement. A respect for the river and love of the environment was communicated to us by Oki. I did learn more about fly fishing and did catch some fish, not the big fish, but some fish. If I had caught no fish it would have still been a 5-star day and catching a few made it that much better!

  21. I am visiting with my wife in Montenegro 1.-14.5.2019
    I liked to spend 3-4 days flyfishin in your beautiful rivers.
    Can I have some guides services during that time period.
    We need accommodation nearby river as well.
    Pleace contact me by email.

    Best regards

    Kari Tarpinen

  22. Kari, one of our team members has already dropped you an email.

  23. Hi, I’m in Kotor from 15-20 July and looking for a day or afternoon fly fishing. Potentially a few other guests would be interested.

  24. Jack – I am responding to your inquiry now via email.

  25. Looking for a day in September. Can you help?

    1. Absolutely. That’s what we do. 😉
      Dropping you an email now.

  26. Guide request

    I am from Romania, I have planned a vacation in Budva and on my return I plan to stay several days in Plav area for fishing.
    I would be interested if there is any fishing guide available on 17-18 of August 2020, and which is the cost/ guiding day.

    I have all the equipment I might need for some local fly.

    Alin Dragan

    1. Hi Alin. Sorry for the slow response as your message was buried for some reason. We can definitely help you. The cost per day for a guide for one person fishing is 100 euros. This includes the day license and guide and any gear required (in your case it would include best flies for the area).

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