Gradina Campsite – Lipovo Village – Montenegro

The Gradina Riverside Campsite Lipovo Village offers a refreshing place to camp, splash around, go hiking, enjoy organic national foods, and make new friends.

Location matters and especially in camping. For an ideal camping location and experience, we offer the Gradina Campsite Lipovo Village. While centrally located in a village known for its beauty which allows access to an array of village life, the campground lies down by a riverbank providing seclusion from the rest of the village. The riverside camping reality offers a refreshing place to splash in as well as keep your beverages cold–summer water temps range from 4 to 6 degrees Celsius. Also, sunbathing is possible on the riverbank.

On and next to the campground are gardens and the Dragović family farmland. Their organic produce, meat, and dairy go into making the amazing national foods of the region. Two specialties from this region include potatoes (brought in by King Peter I) and a special mild, white cheese known as Kolašin Cheese. The Dragović family offers organic national meals that are super hearty though easy on the budget.

This is a worthwhile place to spend a day while in transit, but you are able to enjoy the full experience more with a multi-day or week-long stay. During your extended stay, you will experience the amazing Montenegrin village hospitality and enjoy getting to know Janko, Lilija, and their kids. They love hosting campers and showing them their village and country.

Hiking on Sinjajevina Mountain is superb as well as mountain biking here, on Bjelasica, and even Durmitor. The road through Lipovo leads toward Zabljak and the Durmitor National Park.

Features of Gradina Campsite Lipovo Village

  • Located in Lipovo Village
  • Located near the #6 most scenic road in Montenegro (E80)
  • Secluded riverside camping
  • Covered outdoor dining area
  • Bathroom
  • Fire pit
  • Access to farm
  • Organic farm to table meals available
  • Central access to village
  • Parking available at campsite
  • Mountains and adventure in all directions
  • Near Sinjajvina mountain
  • Near Biogradska Gora National Park

9 reviews

  1. 1 unforgettable day with Dragović family

    Revitalizing and mind-blowing trip! I came to Montenegro from buzzing Moscow. I was eager for recharging my batteries, switching from the daily routine, obtaining new experiences, and escaping “big city life”. Given limited time, I planned to navigate down the coastline which, I assumed, provided the best opportunities to achieve my vacation goals. I’m forever grateful to my beloved friends who referred me to Lilija and crashed my stereotypes on perfect rest.

    Traveling by car from Podgorica to Lipovo, I virtually felt that I was in a museum under the sky: enchanting mountains, incredibly beautiful river canyon, old monasteries built seemingly in the middle of nowhere and drowning in the clouds, stunning views … my fingers got tired from constantly shooting pictures.

    Lipovo met us with crisp air, the scent of blossoming apples and cherries, the calm serenity of nature occasionally disturbed by clucking, lowing, meowing, bleating, and barking residents of this paradise. Our first “receptionists” were 4 differently colored cats glued to one another and meeting us at the porch (My welcome has never been that warm and tender! :)). Lilijana met me as though I was one of her close relatives with homemade cherry juice; milk; plum-, apple-, quince-rakija (if you wish); and a delicious NETTLE pie. A resident of a megapolis, I forgot how good organic products taste and how good they make you feel!

    My experience continued with making my lunch with fresh aromatic bread baked by Lilijana, homemade cheese and prosciutto to sustain us during our hiking adventures. Lilijana showed me the mountains that I have rarely seen before: graceful, wild, multi-colored, isolated, but amazingly beautiful. At Lipovo, you have each and every chance to feel like a genuine explorer, testing your physical and emotional limits. You can take the ordinary gravel path or take risks to conquer untouched forrests to reach a wonderful place where the bustling mountain river begins from the lake hidden in the mountain cave. If you still have energy by then, Lilijana is always open for climbing to the top of “this and that” mountain which your restless mind might suggest for the sake of your full enjoyment of Lipovo that she deeply appreciates. Lipovo made me overcome my severe fear of height because I simply could not resist seeing all the beauty of this fantastic place with my own eyes, being only possible by risking, relying on Lilijana’s helping hand at times, and trusting her choice of the perfect observation spot.

    My day ended with feeding two cute cows, drinking tea which we made from marjoram picked in the mountains, and tasting honey made by bees from pollen of the mountain meadows, endlessly inquiring of Lilijana of local traditions, lifestyles, and recipes of the dishes that we tried. I left Lipovo with a baggage of unique experiences, energy, inspiration, and love of sincerity, openness, hospitality, and generosity of the Dragović family members. Definitely, it was not a final farewell, it was just a good-bye …

  2. Campsite, river, hiking - 5 stars!

    Absolutely beautiful campsite right next to a gorgeous river and some great hiking spots nearby! An absolute 5 out of 5 in my book! I recommend for everyone!

  3. I’ve been to many campsites, and this is one of the best. It is very well built, and has such tasty food! Having access to the river right next to your camp site is a huge bonus, and there is plenty of room for numerous guest. 5/5!!!

  4. Relaxed. Beautiful. Quiet.

    We stay here for 2 nights. It was so lovely. The owners are so nice! It was so relaxed and a beautiful quiet place.

  5. Order the food!

    Awesome campsite. Very simplistic but so nice. I realy enjoyed my stay here. Janko and Lilija were very nice, prepare very good food and help you in the best way they can. I was only there for 1 night but I would come back for more nights for sure!
    There is a fire pit and you can ask for dry wood to get it started, the camping has clean toilets and an outdoor shower.
    Both breakfast and dinner are supernice. I would recommend taking both 🙂

  6. Best hosts...!

    A great place! We stayed for two nights and had a wonderful time. Especially Janko and Lilija made our stay. They are the best hosts you can ask for. Great people!

  7. Great for Family and Large Groups who want a beautiful place to themselves!!!

    Absolutely a wonderful location for a family to enjoy the beauty of Montenegro!!!

    This was a perfect location for a large group. We camped with six families and 18 children. There was still enough space for the kids to run and play safely. The large pavilion made cooking and serving meals an ease. The toilets were spotlessly clean. The area is a kid’s dream for exploring the forest, playing in the creek, and for visiting a functioning farm. We had two meals prepared by the family and both were abundant and delicious.

    Janko and Lilija made a great experience even better. As we were sitting around the campfire, Lilija surprised us with homemade donuts – the kids were in heaven! Her homemade cheese and his apple rakija were some of the best we have had while living in Montenegro for the last two years.

    One family in our group stayed in the cabins at Camp Lipovo…an active Eko village just a short drive across the creek.

  8. Great Location!

    Wonderful hosts, superb location!

  9. Splendid

    Friendly family, beautiful nature, exquisite food you can pick yourself. What else can you wish for…

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