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If you are planning time in the land of mountains and there is any mountain biking blood in your veins, then you are going to need to be out there on the trails. If you are able to bring your own bike, then you are in great shape. Have fun! But if you are needing a mountain bike rental for a day or a period of time, then it is best you book that in advance because supplies are limited. Meanderbug can help.

update 5/18 – more mtb rentals and hut-to-hut offers are coming soon. contact us if you want to help us explore this. we need more riders ready to work with us to develop and prove some amazing stuff! (2-week MTB hut-to-hut testing this month. 29″ bikes coming…)


Rent a Polar Alpina Everest bike for your MTB adventures in Montenegro. This Serbian-built bike has a reputation for being a multi-purpose option. Polar Bikes have covered a lot of mountain bike and road trails already here in the upcoming biking haven–Montenegro.

Mountain Bike Rental Features

  • Polar Alpina Everest bikes, 26″ rims
  • Mountain bike tires mounted
  • Pickup in Kolasin across from Hotel Lipka
  • Rates start at 25 euros / bike / day with discounts for multi-day rental
  • Delivery and return of bikes is possible if arranged in advance

Nearby Bike Routes

Nearby Agritourism Lodging

Amp up your adventure. Stay with locals. We can help.

Close to the mountain bike rental pickup point are several spots that are favorites of mountain bikers. Each of these places and others a bit further out are in the villages with the incredibly hospitably locals. If you want to experience the adventure and amazing culture of Montenegro then consider staying with some of our friends. They will take great care of you and most of them live on hiking and biking routes through the mountains. For mountain bikers, this is like having your cake and eating it too.

Gradina Campsite in Lipovo Village

Dulovic Farm in Lipovo Village

Vukadinovic Organic Orchard in Bojna Njiva Village

Vukovic Organic Farm in Stitarica Village


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