The Old House in Miljanov Valley – Montenegro

Quaint traditional home with organic farm set in valley surrounded by mountains including the iconic Komovi peaks. Hiking, MTB, spelunking, and great place to read or write a book.

Situated in the Miljanov Valley, the Babovic Old House looks out toward mountains on all sides. It is a special place. The house and hosts provide a cozy atmosphere to take in the village life and Montenegrin wild beauty everywhere you look.

In the midst of the demands of village life, Ivana Babovic puts an extra splash of style both into her decor and cooking.  She contrasts the traditional natural-wood walls and floors with vivid colors in her bed coverings and wall hangings.

For the national dishes, she pulls out all the stops going old school. Ivana prepares a wide range of local mountain fare, some more obscure and dating back hundreds of years like zatop or kavurma. In addition she brings to table the standards like nettle and cheese pita as well as kacamak. The Old House on the Babovic Farm offers a single digit of meters farm to table experience that is wholly organic, delicious, and beautiful.

In addition to enjoying the farm and village, travelers stopping here can explore the surrounding mountains including Komovi. In addition to hiking and mountain biking in the summer with Nordic skiing and snow shoeing in the winter, there is an unexplored cave nearby. Serious spelunking exploration here will require extensive gear and technical expertise.

Features of the old house in Miljanov Valley

  • Babovic Old House in Miljanov Do (Valley) – 40 euros per night
  • 1 bedroom with 4 single beds
  • Kitchen with dining area
  • Bathroom
  • Linens and towels provided
  • Organic, national food meals are available
  • Full access to the Babovic Farm, gardens, and livestock
  • Terrace with mountain views
  • Free parking on property
  • Hiking, mountain biking, spelunking, Nordic skiing all around

3 reviews

  1. The real Montenegrin way of life

    For those who want to experience the real Montenegrin way of life, farm stay in Konjuhe with the Babovic family offers all that. They take their time for morning coffee and good meals.
    Grinding corn in the local water mill and then watching Ivana preparing kacamak with that corn flour, makes the taste of this local dish unforgettable. The old house was a dream for a nostalgic person like me, I loved every detail! The Babovics are such a nice family, always in a good mood and willing to help. I had a lot of fun with the three daughters, who are learning English very well. They took me on hikes along Mojan river and to Stavna, both extremely beautiful places. I really felt like a part of the family and I hope to come back one day!

  2. 5/5!
    The Old House In Miljanov Valley was a pleasant experience all around. The Babovic family were down to Earth even in these high mountains. They were truly one of the most kindhearted families you will meet. The natural old house comforted me around the beautiful mountains which were literally in every direction. The natural dishes were prepared by hand, and you could tell the hard work they put into the food from the tasty results. The house is also a great starting point for a hike to the mountain Komovi. It was the most beautiful hike I’d ever experienced, because everywhere you looked was as if it were a picture in a postcard. After the hike I came back to my comfy bed, and to some delicious homemade food!

  3. Set in Miljan’s Valley, this house doesn’t have much, and that is what makes it so sweet. The simplicity of the layout inside the house gives it a warm, old time feel one my need for a reboot. The view from the window is enough in itself a reason to fall in love with this house. The mountains look like huge green waves just waiting to crash into the village. The beauty is incredible.

    The service you receive while at this house is genuinely great. The family offer you an incredible amount of food at every meal. This gives you the chance to try all kinds of food grown or made in this rural mountain town. All in all this house is worth the drive all the way out here for because it gives you a sense of thankfulness for all the small things this world has to offer.

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The Old House in Miljanov Valley

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