Pesic Katun in Biogradska Gora National Park – Montenegro

Little Cabin in the Woods Near Pesica Glacial Lake for Adventurers

Deep on the backside of Biogradska Gora National Park lies Pešića Jezero. This pearl of nature which is named after the Pešić family is the second largest glacial lake in the park. It is a bit of a challenge to reach, but it is most definitely worth it. Near this lake and Crna Glava peak rests a little cabin in the woods. A place for adventurers and families, the Pesic Katun in Biogradska Gora is definitely worth the effort to reach. It is a special place for those living out stories of adventure.

This katun was built by hand with local materials. Radomir, the owner, sourced and carried the lumber and large majority of the building materials by hand. It is his retreat as a motorcycle enthusiast. Now he is opening it for others to enjoy. And yes, he is ready to show the hidden spots and trails to fellow adventurers.

The challenging route to this katun makes it ideal for off-road enthusiasts, mountain bikers, motorcycle thrill seekers, and hikers at all levels. When you arrive at this little cabin in the woods, time stands still. Brilliant greens with color accents surround you. Take in some fresh mountain spring water before it pours into the trough. Sit on the porch to enjoy a homecooked meal transported up from the village by motorcycle. Or, if you prefer, the cook can come to the katun to teach how to prep traditional meals.

The Pesic Katun in Biogradska Gora National Park is part of Meanderbug’s Hut-to-Hut Network and lies along the Via Dinarica route. Whether it is a one-night hut-to-hut adventure or weeklong exploration of the trails and nature of the park, travelers will smile at the memories made while at the katun. It is simpler, yet full-throttle life.

Features of the Pesic Katun in Biogradska Gora national park

  • Located inside Biogradska Gora National Park near Crna Glava mountain peak and Pešića Jezero
  • The Pešić Katun is a hand-built eco cabin with living and cooking area downstairs and bedding above in a loft
  • Organic, traditional meals available with motorcycle delivery or the cook can come do his thing on the premises
  • Outdoor and indoor eating areas
  • Traditional wood-burning stove for heat and cooking
  • Located inside the national park providing access to key points
    • 30-minute hike to Pešića Jezero
    • 15-minute hike to Ursulovacko Jezero
    • 2-hour hike to the Crna Glava peak
    • 3-hour hike to Sisko Jezero
    • 5-hour hike to Biogradska Gora
  • Oil lamps and candles for nighttime lighting
  • Spring water 10 meters from door and clean water for showering in supply
  • Parking available on location
  • Situated on the Via Dinarica hiking route
  • Removed from society with dirt/gravel road access – the road requires MTB, motorcycle, 4×4 vehicle, or a decent pair of hiking boots 😉

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  1. What is the weather in late may?
    Is it too early to come?

    1. Nights are pretty cool up on the mountain at that time of year, but there is a wood stove inside. Usually the snow is finishing its melt in these areas around the end of May or first of June. Can’t say for sure how it will be each year. Best to check back with us in mid-May. Thanks for asking!

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Pesic Katun in Biogradska Gora National Park – Montenegro

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