Mount Joy Ranch: Montenegro’s Therapeutic Family Getaway

In the Northern, rustic region of Montenegro near the famous Tara Canyon lies a quaint, recreation ranch. Breathing in the fresh mountain air while picking wild berries as a family or horse back riding together with a skilled guide both at the camp and along the cliffs of Tara Canyon provide the perfect family leisure activities. These two experiences will be quite memorable for my young kids. For the more adventurous, thrilling family experiences, be prepared to enjoy sights from in the air while paragliding over Tara Canyon (the second largest canyon in the world), rafting along the river, riding through the plains in a Jeep safari or on bikes, and descending into caves. With two energetic boys and a thrill-seeking husband, these adventure activities are ones we look forward to joining.mounthoyraftingAfter each day, what better joy is there than to return to the warm hospitality I have grown to love within the Montenegrin culture. Not only the provision of the home comforts of each bungalow and the domestic food and drinks, but also great care clearly displayed and spoken in every conversation. The fresh cheese, cream cheese, donuts, cakes and barbecue will leave your stomach satisfied. Also, try the delightful soft, homemade bread which can be easily pulled apart with your fingers and complimented by all visitors.moountjoyfoodThe skills and care of Mount Joy Ranch staff extends beyond tour guides to include training for hippotherapy, also known as therapeutic horseback riding which helps both children and adults with special needs physically and mentally. It is the first of its kind in Montenegro. The entire ranch is wheelchair accessible and truly available for all.hippotherapyMy family and I are planning a trip to Mount Joy Ranch soon, and we are looking forward to the new family experiences, new foods, and hopefully new friends located in heart of Montenegro’s wild beauty.

Thank you Mount Joy Ranch for providing us all the photos. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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