Zagreb’s Generational Fresh Trilogija Kuhinja

Deciding on which restaurant can seem overwhelming while traveling, but Zagreb’s Trilogija quickly became our obvious choice. My husband and I often enjoy trying the small, family owned restaurants wherever we may go. We actually made an agreement during our second year of marriage to not eat at any chain restaurants for the year. Where and how do we find such treasured eateries? We rely solely on recommendations of others, especially locals. After receiving recommendations from our hotel staff, local business people, and numerous taxi drivers, we set our eyes on Trilogija in the upper town near the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Upon entering through the archway, we noticed the warm, cozy feel and its resemblance of a generational house in the village. The quiet, intimate setting allowed the perfect place for friendly banter at a table in one room and a romantic dinner at a nearby table in a second room. The staff served each table with sophisticated excellence offering wine, drinks and each meal course.FullSizeRender (4)
The fresh, fine food seems to be what has built Trilogija’s popularity with the locals. The menu changes daily depending on the catch along with the seasonal fruit and vegetables purchased at the market that week. We began our meal with homemade, warm vegetable soup paired with fresh, fluffy bread. The sesame vegetable soup surprised me with its delightfully smooth flavor, and turned this normally pea-hating girl into a fan. The sour dough flavor of the bread made it irresistible for the entire family.FullSizeRender (3)
We chose to follow our predjelo (appetizer) with two main dishes: the seared salmon filet with fried sweet potato cakes and salad, and the pumpkin bacon risotto. The combination of the well-seasoned salmon and crisp, warm sweet potato cakes perfectly pleased us with every bite. The flavorful pumpkin bacon risotto was the best tasting meal. The smooth flavor of the pumpkin punched with the rich, bold taste of the all- natural bacon in the classic comfort food of risotto fulfilled everyone’s appetite.
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The prestigious preparation of dishes from seafood to pork and perfect combination of fresh picked vegetables delightfully warmed and satisfied each of us. It was exactly our desire after walking outside on a cold, rainy day. We enjoyed Zagreb, and look forward to our return to Trilogija where we hope to try new food presentations of a different season.

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