new flavor meets the old world – unca fibre

Story: In Zemun, Serbia, you can easily find a place to order an overpriced meal that falls short. It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of the Danube and the old architecture and lose sight of the taste. However, Unca Fibre delivered quality in the fare, cost, and setting categories. Just up the street from the Danube sits an older looking house. The ground floor houses some sort of shop, while the top two floors contain this new and increasingly popular restaurant. It boasts a young chef who takes traditional dishes and adds his own twists. He serves up Italian influenced cuisine alongside the traditional fare. It would be hard to take a misstep when selecting from this menu.

Vibe:    Unca Fibre has a quiet atmosphere just off the main walking area near the Danube River. It was definitely relaxing especially after walking around for a bit. The downstairs seating was a bit nicer than the dining upstairs. However, with a little one who is quite active with us, the setting was perfect.

Rec:     Gnocchi with Salmon and Spinach. Roasted Chicken with Fresh Vegetables. For an appetizer we had fresh bread and pesto which was amazing! My two year old could not get enough of the pesto.

Notes:  Dinner for 2 costs around $30 (22 Euros/ 2600 Serbian Dinar). It was a delicious meal that was well worth the price, and experience. The service was exceptional which only added to the thoughts of needing to go back, at least to try dessert.

Place: Njegoševa 53, Zemun, Belgrade 11080, Serbia

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