View from the Top – Vjetreni Mlini

Story: A friend in Cetinje advised us that there were some good, not too strenuous hikes on Mount Lovcen. We were short on time at this point in the day, but decided we could squeeze in a short hike. Making our way around the Dolovi village, we felt the trail had some interest for our readers, but maybe not enough to share. Then we came to a spot where we had a view of the Bay of Kotor–the city is a UNESCO heritage site. Inspired, we began to climb one of the peaks, Vjetreni Mlini, to catch the view from the top. The panorama was amazing when we crested the peak. Picturesque. Perfect. We will definitely revisit this spot again just because it is that good.

Vibe: Breeze. Sunshine. Coastal view. All good. Very, very good.

Recommendations: We started our hike at the Hotel Ivanov Konak. I recommend you at least pause here on your way up to buy a sandwich to take up the mountain with you. We asked them to throw something together and ended up with a massive sandwich with fresh baked bread, local source prosciutto, and Njegoš cheese. The 3 euro meal feast was one of the best sandwiches I have eaten. Big, hearty, and full of local flavor.

Though we walked it, you may want to drive up to the far side of the Dolovi village. That will take you as far as the road goes and give you more time where the real view is.

If you allow enough time, you can crest a couple small peaks here to see which view you prefer. The sunset here should be a perfect photo opportunity.

Notes: The climb up will let you know your quads are there, but you can take the angle and pace that suits you. No special gear is needed for this hike. For my next time up, I’ll go with friends and family or in solitude for a time of reflection. Either would be ideal.

Place: The peak Vjetreni Mlini and Dolovi are on Mount Lovcen.

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