biking Virpazar – adventure and beauty

Just off the main road between Podgorica and Bar, Montenegro is a little turn off where there is a little town called Virpazar. This little get-away spot sits on the west side of Skadar Lake and is nestled among a number of shorter, but still impressive mountain peaks. This area of Montenegro is excellent climate for growing a range of vegetables and is used especially for grape vineyards. This made an ideal setting for a half-day bike ride around the loop that begins at Virpazar.

Once you turn into Virpazar, you find a number of outdoor cafes. Here you can find national treats that are good for the beginning or end of any adventure. There are multiple boat owners offering boat outings to explore the lake, kayak adventures, etc.

Biking Virpazar from Meanderbug on Vimeo.

We met up with our friends from Montenegro+ for a biking adventure on the country road from Virpazar. Once the bikes were unloaded and everyone had the right size bike and helmet, we began to meander by bike up the gradual incline that would last for about 70% of the journey. The good thing with conquering the incline in the beginning is that the decline provides a refreshing spin through the last part of the journey.

Along the way we saw quaint houses, a number of small vineyards and their accompanying wineries as well as small plots for vegetables. On a larger scale, the mountains and valleys provided some great vistas along the way. At the end of the journey, we had a nice lookout over a portion of Skadar Lake.

About halfway through our journey, we met a local who invited us to take a break and get some fresh spring water and drink some of his home-brewed rakija. Our crew drank the water gladly and politely declined the stronger beverage. We still had a ways to ride. (smile)

Biking Virpazar is ideal for reasonably fit people that are not frequent bikers or those that are just looking for a low impact adventure with good scenic imagery along the way. If you are looking to do this biking adventure or any other in Montenegro, check with the guys from Montenegro+. They are passionate about biking and have top quality Giant road bikes and mountain bikes for your future adventure(s).

Preparing to bike Virpazar - meanderbug

Biking Virpazar, MNE - meanderbug

Vineyard near Virpazar - meanderbug

Group biking pic in Virpazar - meanderbug

Montenegrin hospitality in Virpazar - meanderbug

Looking out from Virpazar - meanderbug

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