While the smallest of the five Montenegrin national parks, Biogradska Gora is an absolutely unforgettable treasure trove of natural wonders. Crystal-clear glacial lakes and 400-year-old primeval, or virgin, forests  create some of the most epic views in the country: all within 54 square kilometers.

Lake Biograd, from which the national park gets its name, crowns the entrance of the park like a smooth diamond. There, it quietly waiting for visitors to explore its shores or even set out on its waters in a kayak. Other breathtaking glacial lakes within the national park's boundaries include Pešić, Šiško, Ševarina, and more.

Perhaps even more stunning than the gem-like glacial lakes is the primeval forest that still thrives in Biogradska Gora, one of three remaining virgin forests left in Europe. Moreover, its 86 tree and 220 plant species provide habitats for many birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Several hut to hut hiking trails run through the park. Hikers have an array of farmstays, katuns, and campsites they can choose to stay at for the night. Additionally, most accommodations provide hearty traditional meals to keep hikers full and ready to go on their next adventure.

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