Chimney Cakes: Borrowed Culture

Story: I was on the hunt for a food item that was certain to be good. But then, I saw a lady on the street trying not to burn herself as she unwound a steaming tower of bread that had been covered with chocolate. We chatted about her chimney cake for a few minutes. Showing restraint, I didn’t ask to try hers even though I wanted to. Instead, we walked a little further down the street to then invent our own piping hot concoction. And yes, it was definitely worth it.

The cake is made by wrapping dough around a large wooden spindle. Bake that to a golden brown, slather it with white or dark chocolate, then sprinkle it heavily with coconut, nuts, Plasma crumbs, or other possibilities. Eat immediately or at least as soon as it cools enough to not blister your fingers and ENJOY!

White chocolate being applied to a piping hot chimney cake

Vibe: This small shop was always busy. Though the line was often 3 to 8 people deep, it moved fast. It appeared that people appreciated the wait time to see what others were ordering and seeing how the cakes were made. While we waited, we created and recreated what would be the perfect mix.

Recommendations: My daughter made the best combination. It was white chocolate with Plasma cookies. It made me think of a piping hot wedding cake. If you like wedding cake, try it.Letting the dough rest before baking.

Notes: The chimney cake is a Hungarian invention that dates back more than 500 years. They call it the Kürtőskalács. I call it yum.


Finished chimney cake.



  1. Niveen

    Plz from where to buy those equipments

    1. Sorry to say that we don’t have current info on the Chimney Cake shop. It appears that some grocery stores in Belgrade have something similar, but this experience may not still be possible. If anyone has more current info, let us know.

      Niveen – we do strongly recommend that you try these if you see them around Hungary or anywhere for that matter. They are definitely worth trying!

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