culture catalyst – dit’ e nat’

Story: While walking toward the cafe for the second time in the same evening, a friend said to me, “There are cafes like this all throughout the city.” While this was my first night in Prishtina, and he had lived there for years, I’m going to disagree. There’s a uniqueness that comes with this one. The uniqueness rests in the atmosphere.

In the shadows of new government buildings and a new pedestrian street named after Mother Theresa, quietly sits a haven for new life within Prishtina. Each night Dit’ e Nat’ (translated means “Day and Night”) houses drink, people, and conversation. All three are well supplied.

Adding to the vibe, the café also doubles as a bookseller with a range of topics and languages lining the walls. DIt’ e dit insideNat’ has gained a reputation as an underground cultural center. It plays host to internationals and locals coming together to discuss art, film, politics and whatever else. It tells the story of a city being reborn and quietly resisting the stigma of its recent history.

Vibe: Let’s be honest, the all wood cafe is becoming a bit cliche, but there is still something special about a place that does it well and the effect is an atmosphere completely conducive to conversation, thought, and imagination. It’s an atmosphere of new life.

Recommendations: Definitely a place to be with friends. Try to find out about upcoming events at the café by connecting through Facebook. They usually have live music on Friday nights.

Notes: The cafe fills quickly. Be ready to stand or sit at the bar while waiting for a table. If you don’t feel like waiting, explore the nearby walking street. At night, it has a peaceful feel.

Place: Fazil Grajqevci Pristina, Kosovo; +381 38 74203

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