the ninety-one – an english pub

Story: The Ninety-One (and yes the name is spelled out) is Pristina’s local Liverpool football pub. It’s a classic English-styled pub where locals gather after work for coffee, drink, food, and when the “home” team is playing, a football match. Although, I’m pretty certain that any big game will be shown here as is the case for any pub worth its salt.

The 91 has been around for more than 5 years as a result of the large international presence seeking to aid the country’s recovery from the war. It serves the international community faithfully as it continues to offer up international, English influenced cuisine.

Vibe: English pub feel. All wood and very open. The staff is friendly and helpful. Everything is relaxed as it should be in any pub.

While I didn’t get to personally experience it, I could see this place generating quite a bit of energy during a football (soccer) match. As long as the home team earns the three points.

Recommendations: Definitely stop in here for a meal. You won’t leave hungry or dissatisfied. Don’t wear a ManU jersey when Liverpool has taken the pitch. 🙂

Notes: Breakfast was stellar. 3 Eggs, plenty of bacon which was more of a Canadian bacon style, and toast. Washed it down with a fresh orange juice. Being that I just polished off an espresso, I didn’t try the coffee here, but they offered the usual espresso drinks and filtered which can be difficult to find in the Balkans.

My friend went with a burger. (Don’t judge. It was late morning so we decided to take on a breakfast item and lunch item.) There are few places in the Balkans where you will get a 100% beef patty, this is one of them. The burger was good. The jalapeno aioli was superb.

Place: Fehmi Agani, Prishtinë, Kosovo

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