Introducing the Montenegro Travel App

Tucked in the Balkans, Montenegro measures as the smallest country in Europe. But somehow this mini force-of-nature manages to pack some of the most breathtaking landscapes and biodiverse ecosystems found globally. Basically, it is 13,812 square-kilometers of WOW! Her rugged mountains contrast with rolling fields of verdant grass and wildflowers. The ancient forests make way for plunging canyons. It is somehow equal parts pristine glacial lakes and rivers as well as glimmering coastlines. An ecological state, Montenegro sets the stage for innumerable diverse, nature-connected travel possibilities. So, where to start? Montenegro has so many travel and adventure possibilities that it can get incredibly overwhelming to choose what is best for your itinerary. 

To make unique travel in Montenegro more accessible,  we’ve designed the Montenegro Travel App. This Meanderbug app is a one-stop spot for all Montenegro-related travel info. Whatever adventures you are looking to embark on, historical sights and natural wonders you are longing to see, mode of vacation you want to set, type of accommodation you’re looking for, or budget you need to stick to, Montenegro has endless possibilities for thrill, restoration, and wonder. And with the Montenegro Travel App, you have it all at your fingertips in one spot. 

What is so unique about the Montenegro Travel App?

It’s pretty easy to come up with a “Top 10 List of Places to See” for any travel destination, and people tend to know the signature landmarks and must-see spots of a destination before even starting their trip. But Montenegro is largely unexplored, and it has so many hidden treasures known only to locals. But we at Meanderbug have explored Montenegro for almost 10 years, and in that time we’ve listened to stories, discovered jaw-dropping trails and lookouts (we’ve even helped create and restore some of the trails), and learned of nearly forgotten historical and cultural treasures. We’ve gathered all of that info and research and put it on our user-friendly app, so you can experience all that Montenegro has to offer. 



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Montenegro Travel App for hiking

Who is The Montenegro Travel App for?

The app is for literally every traveler who is considering Montenegro. If you are actively planning an adventure: it’s for you. In the process of traveling the country with family: yep, having it on your phone can make the whole family trip run a lot smoother.  Looking for a relaxing beach vacation: check. Adrenaline-rush thrills: affirmative. Nature lovers tantalized at the thought of exploring unique ecosystems: emphatically yes! 

The Montenegro Travel App is also friendly to a wide range of budgets. Travelers can explore Adventure and Accommodation options that fit their budget. Customize your adventure in every way while exchanging the typical stress that comes with planning a trip on a budget for a blissful dreaming session bursting with tantalizing travel possibilities.

What’s on the Montenegro Travel App? 

There’s the “what to do” stuff and the “where to stay” places. This leads to two main categories you can explore on the app: Adventure and Accommodation. Adventures and Accommodations provide geo-location to help with trip planning and list view to help you feel the right adventure or overnight stay. You can favorite any of the adventures or accommodations and then begin to build your custom travel itinerary using the  “Trip Planner” feature. Once you have finished dreaming, you should have your days planned so you can make the most of your time. This functionality will then help you take care of the booking of the adventures and accommodations that need to be pre-arranged.  

What kind of Adventures can I find on the Montenegro Travel App?

We currently list 9 different adventure categories on Meanderbug’s Montenegro Travel App. Each one has a difficulty level, ranging from easy to intermediate to advanced. Also, each Adventure pin contains info about elevation, duration, how many people can participate, when an adventure is available, whether or not an Adventure is family-friendly, and whether or not the Adventure location has public transport access.

Here are the Adventure categories you can find on the app:

  • Hiking – we currently have more than 70 mapped hiking trails on the app. They all include info about hike length, minimum and maximum elevation, and the number of meters above or below sea level you can expect to ascend or descend, respectively. Each hike has a mapped start and end point that you can visualize on the app’s map. Hikers can expect a mix of fire roads and single-track trails. 
  • Hut to Hut Hiking – Montenegro is home to the iconic “katun,” or mountain hut, where shepherds would traditionally stay while grazing their sheep in the mountains during the summer months. Hikers can embark on a unique multi-day adventure where they hike from one katun, or hut, to the next, getting to take in breathtaking scenery as well as warm Montenegrin hospitality and delicious national cuisine in the same hiking trip. These are adventures conceived and developed by the Meanderbug team. This form of slack-packing is both unique and spectacular. 
  • Mountain Biking – bike through some of the most stunning natural scenery in northern Montenegro. Trails for MTB are currently limited on the app, but more will be added soon. We can share that if they are already there, then they are there for a very good reason. We aren’t just putting all the fire roads down as bike trails as we know that MTB lovers expect something a bit specific. 
  • Zipline – you can find info on the best zipline(s) in the country. Zip across plunging gorges past soaring mountains covered in emerald forests. 
  • National Parks – Montenegro’s national parks are true gems and are absolute must-sees for any travel itinerary. But a little known fact is that the National Parks admin asks Meanderbug for info and feedback on the parks on multiple occasions. So, if we can work with and help our lovely national parks share their story better, we can help you learn it also. Besides the app content, you can also learn more about the iconic national parks of Montenegro on our website. 
  • Fly fishing – the rushing rivers and crystal-clear glacial lakes of Montenegro positively teem with fish. That’s because our friends and partners have been working hard to manage these waters for some time now. You can explore the best fly fishing spots on the app, verified by local fly fishing experts and advocates. 
  • Rafting – the rapid waters of the snow and spring-fed rivers set the stage for some epic rafting trips. Travelers can find info about where to book rafting trips, as well as see a complete map of the area they will raft through. 
  • Canyoning – travelers can find info on some of Montenegro’s stunning canyons and access maps for several canyoning adventures. This includes a range of difficulty, but all include a level of excitement for those ready to take their fun to the next level.
  • Points of Interest – not every adventure has to come with an adrenaline rush. Some of the best places to explore in Montenegro have immense cultural and historical significance, and we wanted to pay tribute to these iconic spots. Travelers can find over 30 Points of Interest to explore on the app currently, and we’re adding more constantly, as there seems to be no end to breathtaking, thought-provoking, and priceless spots to check out in this small yet majestic country. 

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Montenegro Travel App - best of MNE

What kind of accommodation can I find on the Montenegro Travel App? 

Accommodations are open to filtering through a range of categories including budget parameters. Each accommodation listing shows info for the number of people that can be accommodated, whether or not a location is accessible to public transport and/or vehicles, wifi access, meal availability, and whether or not a location is family-friendly. The types of accommodations travelers can explore on the app include:

  • Private cabins
  • Rooms
  • Katuns (mountain hut)
  • Apartments
  • Glamping spots
  • Hotels
  • Hostels

Each accommodation listing contains an outgoing link where travelers can book their stay for their desired dates. [NOTE: as we transition from a booking service that gives exceptional customer service to inform our clients, we’re now transitioning a number of our listings to other booking services so we can focus on sharing info with more people better. Some of these links may not lead to bookable locations yet but will soon. Just email us if you need an assist with that while we get everything ironed out.]

How much does the Montenegro Travel App cost?

Downloading the app is completely free. We are working on another monetization model that helps our local partners generate more income. So, download the app, tell your friends about it if you like it, and please let every place you stay and adventure you take know that you learned about them through the app. This will help us keep doing what we do better. And it means you will have a better tool to use…we still have a lot of improvements in the works. 

Where can I download the Montenegro Travel App?

In short, all the usual places. Meanderbug’s Montenegro Travel App is available for iPhone and Android. Download it today to exponentially improve your Montenegro travel. And, if you enjoy the app, please give us a review and share the app with your friends. They will thank you and we will too!

Available via the App Store   |   Google Play

Montenegro Travel App - Best in Accommodations

Definitely download the app for the most info, but if you still want more through our website and other resources, we can help. If you want to learn more about traveling in Montenegro, check out the following posts.