Know Before You Go Montenegro Travel Guide

Some things you just need to know before you go. And sometimes you can only get a fraction of the story. That’s why we have created our 46-page digital Montenegro Travel Guide. (download below)

Know Before You Go Montenegro Travel Guide Benefits

This ebook has been in the making for some time. We have been living and traveling here for years. This has allowed us to obtain insights that are informed and, we believe, worth sharing.  Our stint here so far has allowed us to capture images at key times and develop a network of others that are sharing their quality work to make this collaborative effort what it is. This 3-year project, the Travel Montenegro ebook, benefits readers by providing:

  • A healthy starting point for understanding Montenegro and her people
  • The most comprehensive picture-driven geographic overview of the country we know of
  • Adventure ideas for the physically active and/or the culturally inquisitive
  • Essential info for would-be travelers on logtistics for traveling Montenegro

Montenegro Travel Guide: Biogradska Gora National Park

Creating an Insightful Introductory EBOOK for Montenegro

Preparing to put this together we asked what would be most helpful for travelers. We arrived at 5 main ideas. These break out into the following 5 sections:

  • 5 key insights to Montenegrin culture – These help you understand the people and as a result how to travel here better.
  • Overview of the 3 regions of the country – So much about Montenegro covers the coast and Durmitor. We have expanded the coast coverage and included the rest of the country too.
  • Adventure idea generator – They say seeing is believing. We think it is helpful just to offer some glimpses of what drew us here in the first place.
  • A peek into village life – We often refer to Montenegro as a village of villages. If you want to experience the country, you must experience the village. It is a place full of story, beauty, and more adventure.
  • Essential information for Montenegro travel – Less fun, but just as important info. We covered it.


There are a number of things to know when venturing out to a new place. The most common questions we are asked revolve around: 1) local language; 2) currency and money issues; 3) visa requirements for Montenegro; 4) health and safety info; 5) modes of transportation and how to find them; and 6) mobile communications. You can find answers on each of these questions in this digital travel guide.

Montenegro Travel Guide - Bjelasica Mountain

Who is this Montenegro travel guide designed for?

In short this is for travelers. Specifically, it is for:

  • People preparing to vacation in Montenegro whether or not they already have tickets in hand
  • Those who have already been to Montenegro for a few days, a week, or even a number of times and realize that they have only scratched the surface
  • Anyone looking for a next travel destination
  • Beach lovers that are seeking to find their ideal beach situation (see the coast overview)
  • Adventurers and adrenaline junkies that like to explore in the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons
  • Nature lovers that have an affinity for geo- and bio-diversity
  • People who long for an organic get-away experience filled with tradition and culture
  • Foodies that appreciate farm to table and slow food experiences
  • Couples looking to celebrate their honeymoon or anniversary in a memorable place
  • Families planning to make active memories together
  • Friends looking to adventure together
  • Community Liaison Officers from embassies looking for great discoveries to share with their personnel
  • Active duty personnel who are wanting some high-energy holidays that could include beaches and mountains, adventure and rest
  • Backpackers that are searching for new experiences in emerging travel destinations

Download the Free Guide

Download our Montenegro Travel Guide today whether for a dream session or to plan your next travels. Send it to a friend. Start dreaming big about Montenegro.

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    More Free Montenegro Travel Planning Resources

    Other resources we have assembled for those preparing to travel to Montenegro include:

    Also, shoot us a question…we are happy to help. And if you are ready to start putting the pieces together for a family or adventure holiday, let us help you plan your Montenegro adventure.

    Montenegro Travel Guide

    Montenegro Travel Guide

    Montenegro Travel Guide

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