Complete Guide to Fly Fishing in Montenegro

With the copious number of mountains in Montenegro, it comes as no surprise that a substantial network of streams and rivers flow across the country. These pulsing waterways also contribute to a series of lakes and glacial lakes. Each of these rivers and lakes has its own unique character derived from the fish varieties and nature-setting of various locations. To help keep anglers aware of the possibilities for fly fishing in Montenegro, Meanderbug compiled this complete guide to fly fishing in Montenegro.

This guide was prepared in collaboration with a number of fly fishing experts and aficionados––both local clubs and leaders looking to improve the fly fishing possibilities as well as international competitors and people coping with a fly fishing addiction ;). Regular updates will be maintained below, so check back as you dream and begin to plan an unforgettable fly fishing adventure. And please, comment on this post with your questions or input for possible future inclusion.

Regions for Fly Fishing in Montenegro

Fly fishing in Montenegro is categorized by region and municipal districts to aid people in knowing where waterways are located. Rankings are given out of a 10-point basis compared to global fly fishing destinations. These rankings are assigned and revised in consultation with multiple fly fishing hobbyists and/or professionals to prepare the complete guide to fly fishing in Montenegro.

Central Region – includes the Niksic municipality

  • Mrtvica River5/10 – located in the heart of the country, Mrtvica Canyon area has crystalline waters with great views. Fish are small and include species of brown trout and grayling. Fishing is from May-June. Requires decent mobility to access. Catch and release (C&R) zone.

Northeast Region – includes the Andrijevica, Berane, Gusinje, Kolasin, Mojkovac, and Plav municipalities (near Biogradska Gora and Prokletije National Parks and Komovi State Park).
Here is a range of fly fishing guide and license options or a day license for the northeast region of Montenegro.

  • Lim River near Andrijevica6/10 – swift water makes for tough fly fishing when water levels are normal or elevated. This zone has low numbers of fish normally. The mountain setting is a strong plus for nature views. Fish species include grayling, brown trout, and huchen. Year-round fly fishing. Catch and release (C&R) zone.
  • Lim River in Berane3/10 – with the fly fishing zone inside the town, noise levels and the nature-setting are impacted. Low numbers of fish. Easy access to fishing zones. Fish species include grayling, brown trout, and huchen. Year-round fly fishing. C&R zone.
  • Lim River near Plav9/10 – a variety of water flow from calm to swift with clear water. Big fish present including 50cm+ grayling and large huchen. Natural, endemic, and varied species including: grayling, huchen, brown trout, black sea salmon, rainbow trout, common nase, common chub, and common barbel. Mountain backgrounds provide a nice nature-setting with easy access. C&R zone.
  • Ljuca River near Gusinje8/10 – crystal clear waters as this river lies near the spring that begins this waterway. Typically calm water. Fish species include: grayling, huchen, and brown trout. Nice nature setting in a valley with mountains rising above. Year-round fly fishing. C&R zone.
  • Plav Lake9/10 – set in a valley, the waters here are clear and calm. Big fish present. Fish species include: black sea salmon, huchen, northern pike, common chub, and burbot. With Plav on one side and Mt. Visitor on the other, nice nature setting with easy access by boat or shoreline. Fly fishing season from April 1 to September 30. C&R zone.
  • Tara River near Kolasin2/10 – low fish numbers. Impacted by the current highway construction project. Fish species include grayling, brown trout, and huchen. Year-round fly fishing. C&R zone.
  • Tara River and Ravnjak Stream near Mojkovac5/10 – Fish species include brown trout, grayling, and huchen. The Ravnjak is a clearwater tributary to Tara in this area with grayling in the 40cm range and browns 25-30cm. Fish in the Ravnjak are elusive. Scenic views with Mt. Bjelasica and Mt. Sinjajevina serving as the background. Easy access. Year-round fly fishing. C&R zone.
Montenegro Fly Fishing Field Guide: Northeast Region

Northern Region – includes the Plevlje, Savnik, and Zabljak municipalities (near Durmitor National Park).

  • Bijela, Komarnica, Pridvarica, and Tusin Rivers near Savnik6/10 – near the base of the Durmitor massif, this area boasts rocky, hilly terrain with a number of rivers cutting through the landscape. These little rivers are ideal for small stream fishermen that enjoy isolated, picturesque areas. Fish species include small brown trout. Terrain requires reasonable mobility. Ideal fishing May-June and Sept-Oct. Two-fish limit. For more info see fly fishing small rivers and streams.
  • Cehotina River7/10 – a 125 km river that is 80% in Montenegro and 20% in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fish species include brown trout, grayling, and huchen. Scenic views. Ideal fishing from June-Sept. C&R zone near Plevlje.
  • Riblje, Vrazje, and Zminicko Lakes in Durmitor8/10 – Durmitor National Park has 18 glacial lakes scattered among its 48 peaks. This nature wonderland now has 3 of those glacial lakes open for fly fishing. Both Riblje Jezero and Zminicko Jezero (lake) are licensed for fly fishing only. Both fly fishing and spinning are possible in Vrazje Jezero. The fish are currently about 30-35cm. Fish species consist primarily of rainbow trout. Fishing is possible May-September on Tuesday-Sunday from 1-7 pm. The nature-setting is spectacular. C&R zones. For more info, see fly fishing Durmitor National Park.
  • Tara River in Durmitor7/10 – the mountain landscapes in Durmitor are a strong draw for any activity including fly fishing. Clear waters make it possible to see the fish which are mostly small. Species include brown trout, grayling, and huchen. Ideal fishing includes June-Sept. Two fish limit. An irregular fishing schedule makes access for outsiders a bit challenging.
complete guide to fly fishing in Montenegro

Montenegro Fly Fishing News

Updated November 2019: The first-ever Eco Run in Montenegro took place in Tara River in September. This 100km environmental cleanup was part of the annual Montenegro Kayak Fest. was one of the Eco Run sponsors.

Updated August 2019: Several fly fishing advocates have relocated trout in the small rivers and streams region around Savnik. With lower water levels, some fish of varying sizes were found trapped in pools that had been cut off from the flowing water. Hundreds of fish were rescued and put back into these waterways.

Updated July 2019: The 25th FIPS Mouche European Fly Fishing Championship was held in Montenegro July 1-7, 2019. The competition took place in Plav Lake and the Ljuca and Lim Rivers.

Updated July 2019: Construction on a highway across the country has caused a sustained water quality disruption in the Tara River. This construction continues to negatively impact the Tara River in the Kolasin and Mojkovac municipal regions. Ongoing testing and evaluation are underway.

Updated July 2019: A fish kill in the Plevlja Region occurred in the Cehotina River. An investigation into the cause is underway. This incident occurred downstream from the fly fishing zone.

The Complete Guide to Fly Fishing in Montenegro

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