Fly Fishing in Durmitor National Park – Montenegro

Some of Europe's most epic fly fishing scenery

There’s a certain zen that must exist for fly fishing to be the stuff of dreams. As we see it, memorable fly fishing requires a remarkable nature setting and fish worth catching. This is what fly fishing in Durmitor National Park is all about. Not many scenic areas could come close to matching it. And the 30-35cm rainbows or a possible brown trout are a worthwhile catch making for an unforgettable day or week.

A UNESCO World Heritage site with 48 peaks, Durmitor National Park offers spectacular vistas in all directions. Since 2019, fly fishing has become possible in three of the glacial lakes–the Riblje, Vrazje, and Zminicko Lakes. Two of these glacial lakes, Riblje Jezero and Zminicko Jezero, are fly fishing only zones.

The fishing season in the Durmitor glacial lakes is possible from May through September.  The fly fishing in Durmitor adventure can launch any day of the week except on Mondays. Fishing times are from 1-7pm.

fly fishing in Durmitor National Park

Fly Fishing in Durmitor National Park Features

  • One day fishing in Riblje, Vrazje, and Zminicko Lakes with a local guide – from 100 euros per day.
  • Meet at a designated lake or meeting point. Client needs standard auto transportation. (transportation add-on can provide client transport if needed).
  • This fly fishing in Durmitor adventure includes a day pass for fly fishing in the Durmitor lakes in an approved zone from 1:00 to 7:00pm and a professional fly fishing guide.
  • Hand-tied flies and rods are provided.
  • A box of flies made for this area are available for add-on purchase for use and as a made in Montenegro “souvenir”.
  • Client needs to bring waders (recommended waist or chest high) – can usually source one or two pairs of waders in a pinch, but prefer clients to have their own waders due to sizing.
  • Fishing is catch and release with a 2 fish limit permissible in some areas.

Epic views at fly fishing in Northern Montenegro

For more info, see our key info for fly fishing Montenegro. Additional information about the distinctives of Durmitor National Park as well as the park’s “protection and management requirements” for UNESCO World Heritage Site status preservation is available here.

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May - September 6 days a week (excludes Monday) 1:00 - 7:00 PM