Fly Fishing the Small Rivers and Streams – Montenegro

The more challenging the chase, the more rewarding the catch.

For some fly fishermen, the more challenging the chase, the more rewarding the catch. Fly fishing the small rivers and streams is some of the most challenging fly fishing in Montenegro. With clear waters, it is imperative to be in the right place at the right time while maintaining stealth in the approach. This combo makes for some unbelievable settings and colors that most travelers in Montenegro never get to see.

The small rivers and streams fly fishing takes place in the Bijela, Komarnica, Pridvarica, and Tusin Rivers. These are located mostly near Savnik, not far from Durmitor. Brown trout of varying size are the reward for the end goal. However, this fly fishing adventure is for those that enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Ideal times for fly fishing in this area are May through June and September through October. Of course seasonal weather patterns may vary.

The small rivers and streams in Northern Montenegro are rocky, uneven terrain. People that plan to undertake this adventure must have good mobility and be in reasonable condition. Also, this is not a beginning fly fishing adventure. This is for moderate to advanced fly fishermen that want to try to catch a brown in some unexpected places. Your guide will adjust the plan based on physical condition and skill level.

Features for Fly Fishing the Small Rivers and Streams in Montenegro

  • One day of fly fishing on 1 or more of the small rivers and streams
  • Meet at a designated point near Durmitor Park or the town of Savnik. Client needs standard auto transportation. (transportation add-on can provide client transport if needed).
  • This fly fishing in Durmitor adventure includes a day pass for fly fishing in the region with a professional fly fishing guide.
  • Hand-tied flies and rods are provided.
  • A box of flies made for this regions small rivers and streams are available for add-on purchase for use and as a made in Montenegro “souvenir”.
  • Client needs to bring waders (recommended at least waist high) – can usually source one or two pairs of waders in a pinch, but prefer clients to have their own waders due to sizing.
  • Fishing is functionally catch and release with a 2 fish limit permissible.
  • Combine the small rivers and streams with the glacial lakes fly fishing in Durmitor for an additional 40 euros per day.

For more info on fly fishing in Montenegro, see our fly fishing Montenegro overview.

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  1. An experience I will never forget!

    I was so very lucky to have met my guide Mladin and nice thing most it was not all about the fishing although that was great but about the opportunity to spend time in the wild nature of this Montenegrin country fishing with someone whom I became quite close to:) – although I have fly fished for over 40 years there is nothing more refined or skilled than this type of trout fishing all with caution and stealth…..and of course when you think you have got all in hand!!… the bank side bushes come into play!:)…this fishing for trout requires the most skilled of individual and is challenging but most rewarding…and one which although I struggled with was helped by my guide Mladin whom clearly has fished these rivers since a boy and knows them so very well!… upstream. upstream dry fly all the way to find ourselves 2-3 kms from the cars followed by a knock on the door of Mladin’s friend ‘the stone picker extraordinaire’ of the local roads (never seen hands like shovels like it!) and into a 30 year old VW golf which barely started and blew more smoke from its backside than the Titanic and then back to the cars:).. an experience I will dream of and would love to do again with the same super company of my new friend Mladin… easy review just spend a day with this guy and won’t regret!…super day fishing with a very nice guy thanks Meanderbug with Mladin

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