Kitesurfing Along Velika Plaža

Montenegro is an up and coming destination for kitesurfing on the Velika Plaža– translates as Big or Long Beach–and the surrounding area. Though the sport has a 20-plus year history, it just made its way to this Mediterranean spot in the last several years. Currently, there is increasing interest from foreigners who are choosing Montenegro as an ideal kitesurfing vacation destination.

The nationals know. Beaches in the southern part of the country have two constants: wind and waves. Most of the country’s coastline is protected because it lies within an enclosed bay area with the boot of Italy serving as a buffer. These sandy beaches on the southern tip, however, are just south of the boot’s heel. Because of this, the waves roll in faithfully and the winds are equally consistent. Resulting kitesurfing conditions are ideal. Add in a wetsuit and the kitesurfing season easily goes from May into September.

With these ideal conditions, a developing Ulcinj area, and unbelievable beauty throughout the surrounding country, the secret is starting to get out. Western Europeans and Russian speakers are beginning to make there way for kitesurfing vacations. Companies catering to these foreign travelers are providing new offerings to make the adventure here accessible to the early adopters.

So for the kitesurfing maven or the novice wannabe, check out the Long Beach area of Montenegro as a destination. You’ll find Ulcinj a quaint, bustling area that is still in the early stages of development. While there, you can explore the bio-diversity that is Montenegro and some more of the adventure travel options that are available a short drive from Velika Plaža.

Kitesurfing in Ulcinj, Montenegro - meanderbug

Kitesurking Long Beach in Montenegro - meanderbug

Vladimir catching air kitesurfing - meanderbug

Kitesurfing Long Beach - meanderbug

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